Do men like foreplay?

Or do they prefer just to get oral & then go straight into sex?


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  • Foreplay can be great in the right place and at the right time.

    But it's liek yelling "Surprise!": If there's nothing exciting following your exclamation, it's just an utter disappointment.

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      What do you mean by your example, can you explain it a little more? Is there times you wanto skip foreplay & go straight into intercourse by the way?

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      Foreplay = Anticipation.

      You arouse your partner to get him/her *in the mood* and create an expectation of sexual pleasure.

      It can be fascinating in most cases. However, if it is only followed by a couple of minutes of intercourse and not much of pleasure, then it feels like unwrapping a huge Christmas gift that turns out to be empty.

      I'm just saying that I prefer foreplay when I know that it's going to be a long and pleasurable night. If I'm not really in the mood, I might just skip it