Do men like foreplay?

Or do they prefer just to get oral & then go straight into sex?


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  • Foreplay can be great in the right place and at the right time.

    But it's liek yelling "Surprise!": If there's nothing exciting following your exclamation, it's just an utter disappointment.

    • What do you mean by your example, can you explain it a little more? Is there times you wanto skip foreplay & go straight into intercourse by the way?

    • Foreplay = Anticipation.

      You arouse your partner to get him/her *in the mood* and create an expectation of sexual pleasure.

      It can be fascinating in most cases. However, if it is only followed by a couple of minutes of intercourse and not much of pleasure, then it feels like unwrapping a huge Christmas gift that turns out to be empty.

      I'm just saying that I prefer foreplay when I know that it's going to be a long and pleasurable night. If I'm not really in the mood, I might just skip it

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  • I love foreplay ... probably not the same kind as girl imagines but going straight to sex does not work for me.

    • What kind of foreplay do you like?

    • I like girl to tease me. I have not tried that but poledance just for me is kind a dream. I like to watch. She could play with herself and make me watch. Or she could blindfold me and kiss me all acros the neck and chest. Or a game ... strip poker ... when I am forced to give input to get her clothes off. Do stuff ... earn it. I would go crazy to get her out of clothes. Passion will have time to build up and I would be more happy every time she takes something off. That would start me up!

  • all depends, sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes all I want is foreplay

  • Fourplay Because its like a warm up for sex its like sex flirting it makes you feel good and shows how much someones loves you

    • Does it show you how much they love you because they are trying to please you or for another reason?

    • Another reason you get that tingly feeling of a connection like you both look into each others eyes and see the true passion behind each other But that's just me

  • Both. Sometimes we do lots of foreplay, sometimes we just go right to a quickee. It depends on what we're in the mood for, or if time is limited. Both are great.

    • What are some things you like during foreplay? What places on your body feel good to be touched, if you don't mind me asking...

    • Well, she likes the hot kisses. Kisses on her neck, behind her ears as well as being biten on the neck and shoulders. We both enjoy oral sex, as well as mutual masturbation. Its never the same so it doesn't get stale. We also enjoy watching p*rn. That's just to name a few. You wanna know more, message me.

  • depends on the guy, I like kissing but only if I have real feelings for the girl, otherwise, I'll do it if it will lead to sex but I won't necessarily enjoy it.

    i'd rather get the bj then the sex, with no kissing after the bj, that's nasty.

    • So, you don't like anything done to you? Like you don't like your nipples sucked, your sides caressed, your back rubbed, you neck kissed, & so on?

    • haha, yeah I like stuff done to me but not the nipple stuff, that just tickles. and I like it when my girl kisses my neck, its a weird feeling but I like it.

      mostly I just like doing stuff to her though, touching her everywhere, kissing her everywhere, making her moan is the best part.

  • I must be like a girl LOL; I love foreplay. So many times actual intercourse seems very mechanical. Foreplay can be very creative if both are actively involved

    • What are some fun things you have done during foreplay? What can a women do to you that really pleases you during foreplay?

    • In another similar thread I said when making out (if clothed) I go nuts when a girl stick her hands underneath my shirt and runs her fingertips along my back and chest so gentily that it kind of tickles. Pulling yourself closer to a guy and just generally flesh pushing upon flesh is great

  • Foreplay all the way -- I won't f*** her if I haven't made her come at least once from eating her p**** -- no lie! Fooling around before being in her is a HUGE part of sex for me.

  • Yes! You need to play with a girl. It's fun.

  • I love foreplay a lot including with a little bit of teasing. Kissing is the fastest way to get me hard.

  • I love foreplay, not just on me but on her. I love to finger her and to make her come at least once, often more before I enter inside her.

  • I like short foreplay. And I don't like oral.

    • What do you mean by short foreplay, can you expand on that... Also, why don't you like oral, I thought all men liked receiving oral sex?

    • Kissing, her sitting in my lap, kissing her breasts. I don't care about being touched anywhere, it just tickles me to be honest. And I really don't find oral special, I don't dislike it either but it doesn't do much for me. The real thing just feels a lot better.

  • Depends on the current mood/atmosphere, but yes, foreplay can be very fun.

    • Would you say it's half & half, like half the time you'd like just oral & sex, & the other half foreplay, then sex... What parts about foreplay do you consider fun if I may ask?

    • I'd say it's more than half&half, more often foreplay than not. I just meant sometimes I'm just in the mood to go right for it and skip the foreplay =)

      My favorite part of foreplay is just touching her in ways I never get to at other times... I just really enjoy feeling underneath her clothes while still partially/fully dressed... etc.

  • Straight to oral I am not trying to mess around give me that p**** on my face and get to suckin my **** o.O

    • So, you don't like foreplay then. If your partner wants it, do you give it to her, or say you don't like it. What is your favorite things to have done while receiving a blow job?

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