Why does my girlfriend get goosebumps when I touch her?

So whenever I touch my girlfriend anywhere she always gets goosebumps in the place where I touch her. It doesn't bother me I just really want to know why that is and she doesn't really know either it just happens.

I would also like to know why she won't sing to me even thou she has an amazing voice and I really want her to but she doesn't how do I get her to sing to me?

k with the singing thing... I'm tone deaf so I'm a terrible singer

and she's never experienced the touching thing before


Most Helpful Girl

  • my boyfriend asks me to sing to him all the time. He's a singer in a band-- so he has great vocal cords. I don't think I sing good at all. So that's why I don't sing in front of him. Other than that, I get goosebumps too sometimes when I get touched in certain spots. So, I'm unsure of that.