Why does my girlfriend get goosebumps when I touch her?

So whenever I touch my girlfriend anywhere she always gets goosebumps in the place where I touch her. It doesn't bother me I just really want to know why that is and she doesn't really know either it just happens.

I would also like to know why she won't sing to me even thou she has an amazing voice and I really want her to but she doesn't how do I get her to sing to me?

k with the singing thing... I'm tone deaf so I'm a terrible singer

and she's never experienced the touching thing before


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  • my boyfriend asks me to sing to him all the time. He's a singer in a band-- so he has great vocal cords. I don't think I sing good at all. So that's why I don't sing in front of him. Other than that, I get goosebumps too sometimes when I get touched in certain spots. So, I'm unsure of that.


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  • Its like the tickleish sensation you get when people touch you very gently.

    As for singing, voice and appearence are the most self conscious things for girls or people really. So she might think that she's not a good Singer when she really is and a bad Singer would think their good. Its all different for everyone because people don't hear the voice you hear coming from their mouth

  • She likes that your touching her. It feels good.

    Unless your hands are super cold like ice. Which I doubt it could be that.

  • it probably just means she's sensitive to touch and that she likes it


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