Do girls care if a guy has saggy balls? like is it weird?

i know its an odd or weird question, but in all honesty do girls care if a guys balls are really saggy most of the time? I have a small soft penis but is average when hard. but it looks odd when I'm soft because my balls are a lot longer than my penis. its kind of

plz b honest...criticism is welcome


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  • Saggy balls are hot when I can feel them smacking my ass during sex, its awesome. You shouldn't be embarased everyone's body is diferent you should be happy that at least you are proportional because it could be worse.

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      agreed. It's very sexy when they're smacking the butt area, or thigh, depending on the position. I like a guy packing something down there. Big penis' and no boys to compliment it seems awkward to me. Then again, I grew up in a stable surrounded by stallions all my life, if you know what I mean