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Gay guys spit on each others' face when they have sex, is that love?

gay guys spit on each others' face when they have sex, is that love?

  • Vote A Spitting on each others' face could be act of love.
  • Vote B Spitting on each others' face is not an act of love

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  • 1. Not all (and probably not even most) gay guys spit in each others' faces when they have sex. I'm curious about how you would come up with this assertion unless you've been having a lot of gay sex yourself.

    2. Some hetereosexual people spit in each others' faces when they have sex---usually it's related to being turned on by sexual humiliation/degredation (roleplaying). People can love each other deeply and still enjoy roleplaying these kinds of scenarios because its a turn-on to both of them.

    • ^^^^^ Best answer =)

    • More thought than this question deserved. Great answer.

What Girls Said 6

  • Okay that's a stereotype, and I've heard of straight people who do that too

  • People like different things, so who are we to judge whether or not it is an act of affection to them?

  • Dare I ask- where does this info come from?

  • what are you talking about?

    and no

  • I don't know. I never knew that.

What Guys Said 10

  • To they?
    You seem to know more than I do

  • That's more of a dominance thing than anything else. If my boyfriend ever spat on me I would probably punch him. That's just me though. To each their own. My ex enjoyed being spit on, while I thought it was nasty.

  • Ignoramus.

  • HAHAHAHA. Gay guys don't do that lol.

  • I think that's just a kink for all sexualities. :)

  • There's no such a thing. Have you watched p*rn or something?

  • Im gay and I could never have a guy spit on my face or on me in general. To some it could be love and enjoyable and others like myself just wouldn't like it. I find it to be degrading but to each their own. What happens in the bedroom stays there

  • I am a gay man and I can't say I've ever spat on my boyfriends face.. Can't say I'd really enjoy it either but each to their own

  • That can happen in hardcore p*rn too. Saying only gays do it, is ignorant.

  • Ask your boyfriend

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