Why Mens balls are sensitive?

I squeezed my boyfriends balls while I was comming by accident, and he was in terrible pain after that.

Also some time his balls hang very loose, and sometime they are tight. Why is that?


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  • You didn't really hurt them so stop worrying. Often, guys over react when it comes to their balls where girls are concerned. Pain from what you described is very short term. No doubt guys are a little different when it comes to handling pain but you probably surprised him as much as giving him the sudden jolt. lol! Now if you squeezed them as hard as you could, that'd be a different matter. When they're hot they'll hang loose, if cold they'll tighten up closer to the body to keep warm. Same for sexual activity or stimulation.


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  • A mans balls are basically THE most sensitive place on his body. squeezing on them hurts a lot.

    Most of the time that they hang loose its because it is warm. The scrotum changes shape to adjust the temp of the balls so they can produce semen and an appropriate level. (I think, and correct me if I'm wrong)

  • The balls are tight usually when he has a lot of come is stored up.or when there's a spontaneous change in temperature.

    Balls are very very sensitive SQUEEZING them would hurt immensely.

    You obviously didn't squeeze them on purpose, but you should be careful next time. Balls are usually hang loose during a regular basis.

    Hope I answered your question.

    • Well my boyfriend likes me to squeeze his balls when we mess around, just as long as isn't too hard. it turns him on. if it hurts some, that little bit of initial pain goes away fast and he stands tall. haha! .

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  • You really shouldn't squeeze a guy's balls. Not only are they extremely sensitive, but I think you could also do some damage to him doing that. Squeeze his penis, if you need to grab something tightly when you cum.

  • My boyfriend's balls are more sensitive than most. His are very fragile for some reason. Sometimes we can't have sex cause they hurt even from light banging. Another guy even told him that he bet his balls are very fragile because he doesn't drink milk. Does milk strengthen for some reason? What is in milk that would do this? Is it Calcium or something else? Could he take calcium pills instead to get them a little more non-fragile. Is he going to be like this forever now or can he change the situation so we can enjoy each other more often.