Have you ever caught someone jacking off girl and guy

love to here some stories


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  • why yes i have! too many times to count but here is just one of the stories. i got off work a little early one day and came straight home i opened the door and right there was my fiance with lotion in one hand and his dick in the other and worst off he was cumming! he quickly threw the lotion and pulled his pants up (they were only down a little bit) and acted like nothing was going on. of course he was acting guilty and embarassed. but i just acted like i didnt see anything cuz i was kinda in shock and a little embarassed my self. i mean come on what can you say to that? then as i set my things down he quickly grabed up his lotion and things then threw it in the bedroom so i didnt see it(even though i already did). it was just an off day for him i guess :) haha

    • My girlfriend knows I jack off and if she came home and saw me jacking off she would jump right on it......lol

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  • I've seen my girlfriend's younger brother jacking once. That was pretty hot. I don't think he knew I was there.

    I've seen my sister jilling too but we've seen each other do pretty much everything. Still, it was pretty hot since it was my older sister and she was totally into it and she is a very pretty sexy girl anyway.

    For that matter, sometimes I let my lover see me with my hand in my panties too. He loves that and just has to join in the play when it happens! :-)

  • I caught my brother once... He was chatting on a web cam with some girl. I walked in at the BIG finish... very awkward...


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  • Yeh 2 of my sisters an they caugh me once its one those things they know I do it at times and I know they do it very often an we don't like go talking about it in public but yeh wele joke about it at times

    were pretty open about that stuff so its no big deal

  • I caught a couple doing it at night at the park..oh wait that was me and some girl lol.