Where and how can I touch my boyfriend in a way to get him horny but not have sex?

I love my boyfriend so much and lately while we make out he starts to touch me all over and it gets me excited. Since he's three year older than me I have no idea of what he likes for me to do to him as well as I don't know how to do it. I want to get him horny by touching him but I don't want to loose my viginity. Where and how can I touch him guys and girls please tell me! Help me!


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  • Yea definitely make it clear you don't want to lose your virginity. If you are comfortable with a hand job or a blow job, then that's okay, but if not, make that clear too!

    Now for the fun stuff :) What you should do is start making out with him, put one of your hands on his thigh and start caressing his thigh. Get closer and closer to his unit. He will start to get aroused. Go a little faster and use both hands to caress his thighs. And once you get comfortable with that, start rubbing him in his special place. He will love that.

    You can also sit on him facing him and just start kissing him on his neck, and ears and stuff. Rubbing his chest. Guys love touching too! :P

    If you are okay with a hand job or a blow job, then you can even get more brave and stick your hand under his pants if you want. He would love that even more!


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  • its gona sound funny but, grab his ass.

    put his hands on your ass too, instead of worrying about where you're gona touch him, just let him know he can touch you, as long as he doesn't go too far.

  • just do what ever you feel is natural,

    also use your surrounds as an advantage...

    babe we can't do it at the mall...

    babe we can't do it at the library...

    hun we can't do it in the street...


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  • First, you need to explain to him you aren't ready to lose your virginity. He needs to be able to respect that. You also have to explain to him that you want to touch him and pleasure him, but you want your virginity intact. If you do not, he might take you pleasuring him as the okay to have intercourse.

    And I'm not saying you'll get raped. But when you do sexual things sometimes its hard (for both males and females) to tell how far is okay. So be absolutely sure he realizes you just want to pleasure him.

    After this, just explore. Try kissing or nibbling his neck. Ask for him to guide you, or ask if he enjoys what your doing.

    Although this might be a little embarrassing for you, I doubt you'll boyfriend think any differently of you for trying to make him feel good.

    Good luck!

  • Don't start something you aren't willing to finish.If he wanted a handjob he would just go masturbate

  • Just have fun. Try touching him all over the place at different pressures & speeds, & see what he likes. Make a game out of it, it can be really fun.

  • Why get him horny if you don't intend on getting him off? That's just mean and selfish, it will give him blue balls!

    • I know! Blue balls is a very serious condition! If left too long the balls will explode!

  • Blowjob! hahaha

  • Kiss his neck, or rub his thigh.

  • Just do whatever feels natural to you. Instead of thinking, just do and act and react. When you're in the moment, your natural instincts should take over. You might find yourself running your nails up and down his back, caressing his chest, arms, kiss his jawline, earlobes, fingertips, massage his back, nuzzle his neck, nibble on his earlobes, grind against him, get on top of him and kiss him and let his hands roam up and down your body, and while he's touching you all over just moan (naturally) and enjoy. Like I said, just do, don't think. And if you aren't going to have sex, oral sex or fingering/handjobs would be good.