Jacking off? girls...do you like or dislike?

i personally like when my boyfriend jacks off with me around.

i think its funner to get him in the mood and let him finish it off with me kissing him the whoel time :]]]

i mean, soemtimes I help him finish. (tehe.)

but it takes too long!

so I let him finish the job.

i like seeing him happy :]

girls .whats ur opinion on guys jacking off?

icky, or hot?


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  • i enjoy it !

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      I like to stroke it too..and love it when one or more girls are watching...I do not even have to know them...I just like girls looking at my hard pecker and watching me play with it to completion. If you want to see me do it any time, on webcam or person, call 1-219-880-5383