Why do most men prefer small areolas?

I understand that most men like larger breasts because they're more feminine. Of course, men have practically flat chests. So yeah, actually, I get why men like rounder breasts, period, no matter their size, because they're femenine. I mean, even small, round A cups can be way more feminine than almost C cup sized man boobs.

So yes, round breasts signal femininity. But small areolas? If you notice, it's GUYS who have small areolas. So small areolas are, if you think about it, more masculine than big areolas. I've never seen a guy, thin, muscular, fat, whatever, who has silver dollar sized areolas. Yet a lot of guys, if not most, seem to feel disgusted by bigger areolas, which are, in my opinion, more of a female trait.

I myself have B cups, with kind of large areolas. I don't think my breasts are ugly at all... so why do most men?


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  • bigger areolas are so hott! I consider that way more feminine than smaller ones! like ones that are like a couple inches across maybe even slightly more, depending on the size of the boob, are perfect! it just has to be proportional. I've heard of girls being self-conscious about big areolas but I have no idea why. unless they're grossly huge, but that never happens lol

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      I know... sometimes I feel that mine are kind of big, especially for my breast size, but hell, I'm a WOMAN! It's not rare for a woman to have big areolas... so I just tell myself to shut up, and love my breasts. Even in p*rn you see a lot of women with big areolas and guys don't seem to care. So I guess I shouldn't care. I like the way you think.