Why do most men prefer small areolas?

I understand that most men like larger breasts because they're more feminine. Of course, men have practically flat chests. So yeah, actually, I get why men like rounder breasts, period, no matter their size, because they're femenine. I mean, even small, round A cups can be way more feminine than almost C cup sized man boobs.

So yes, round breasts signal femininity. But small areolas? If you notice, it's GUYS who have small areolas. So small areolas are, if you think about it, more masculine than big areolas. I've never seen a guy, thin, muscular, fat, whatever, who has silver dollar sized areolas. Yet a lot of guys, if not most, seem to feel disgusted by bigger areolas, which are, in my opinion, more of a female trait.

I myself have B cups, with kind of large areolas. I don't think my breasts are ugly at all... so why do most men?


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  • bigger areolas are so hott! I consider that way more feminine than smaller ones! like ones that are like a couple inches across maybe even slightly more, depending on the size of the boob, are perfect! it just has to be proportional. I've heard of girls being self-conscious about big areolas but I have no idea why. unless they're grossly huge, but that never happens lol

    • I know... sometimes I feel that mine are kind of big, especially for my breast size, but hell, I'm a WOMAN! It's not rare for a woman to have big areolas... so I just tell myself to shut up, and love my breasts. Even in p*rn you see a lot of women with big areolas and guys don't seem to care. So I guess I shouldn't care. I like the way you think.

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  • Late to the question.

    Anyway, let me place my vote in favor of large areolas. I've never seen any so large that they were not sexy and beautiful.

  • "...Yet a lot of guys, if not most, seem to feel disgusted by bigger areolas," Where do you get this idea? Have you been chatting with Evangeline? She's got it her head that same idea. I've seen a lot of sites praising and worshiping big areolas but none for small areolas. I've never heard any guy say he was un-impressed by big areolas. When I look at this sweetie, the only thing (or other thing, rather) I want to do is to suck on those big areolas.


    • Dude you're 46.You're older,more mature and have probably had your fair share of women.Of course you like them.

      I think she's referring to the younger inexperienced guys,the ones who do care

    • For what it's worth I would not get cut up and risk scars, infection, lost sensitivity, lost or reduced tissue integrity, risk to basic breast function, purely because one or more younger guys haven't seen enough boob think that 2" areolae are too big.

      It's like a girl coming up to a 16 year old boyfriend and saying dude you need like a major penis enlargement surgery because I understand the standard for well endowed males is 7-8" long. (Point being a 16 year old dude's d*ck is still growing.)

  • Where did you get the idea that men prefer small areolas and are disgusted by large ones? It simply is not true. Men love large areolas. Yours sound quite nice. If your partners think you have inferior breasts, dump them and find some new ones who appreciate your sexual beauty.

  • It's areolae not areolas.

    I fail to see how "most men" would see big areolas as ugly, and 2" isn't even unusually big.

    How many are "most men" anyway?

    Boobs with scar tissue around nipple, even barely perceptible, plus any unevenness post-surgery or discomfort to touching/tugging/squeezing compared to boobs that never had surgery, would gross me out like 80 times more than ANY size areolae, to be honest

  • I like them! Just look at how hot Eva Green is! :)

  • None of you speak for me. Natural = Normal = Better. LOL But I suppose Evangelina will say that I am OLD! LOL!

  • I think you're overthinking it. I have never really even considered areolas as part of the attraction equation, breast size itself and firmness is usually the primary indicator

  • small like bigger boobs, some smaller, some like large areola and some like small areola. it's a very personal choice. I like not bigger boobs, but I like small areola. that is my choice. your choice may be different. how can people think that it is an universal rule of likes and dislikes.

    • I'm not implying that. But I find it funny that MOST men say "bigger breasts are better because they're more femenine". Then they go "ewww, gross, big areolas", when in reality, big areolas ARE more of a femenine feature than a masculine one.

      You're entitled to your preferences, it's just that I, as a woman, know what it's like to feel self conscious about a very normal feature. I'm sure it happens to guys too with their body parts.

      I know many women feel the same way I do sometimes.

  • I don't mind me some big ol' sliced tomato looking bumpy ass Stevie wonder nips

  • I've seen a guys with large areolas, and they are all overweight. The young men you so speak of have probably also associated the large areolas of women with that of overweight men, and this in turn, reduces attractiveness. I've seen a guys with large areolas, and they are all overweight. The young men you so speak of have probably also associated the large areolas of women with that of overweight men, and this in turn, reduces attractiveness.

    • Only meant to post that once

  • I prefer girls to have small areolas :-/.

  • For f**ks sake! The OP, aswell as I, was looking for "REASONS WHY" some men might find huge nipples ugly, but wherever I look, I only find complimenting, subjective, uninformative comments from men who love them! And in every other thread on every other forum too! Those aren't answers to to the question! This is driving me nuts!
    In fact, I AM disgusted with huge/weird colored/contourless/popping-out/dented-in nippels, yet I couldn't rationally state a solid reason why my self, and it's making me crazy. So I thought if I read other peoples reasons, I might understand, but I assume all those who hold the same opinion as I, probably can't state an objective reason eihter.

    So for the sake of people who wonder about this aswell, I'll try to formulate the only things I think could be the reason:

    -I might think of such nippels simply as disproportionate, which might be founded in instincts to look for partners with best possible health or best possible chances for mating. (Just like nobody likes yellow teeth)
    So far I could only define my prefered proportions of breasts in general.
    I define breasts as being proportionate by the shape they have, when lying on the back. As half spherical as possible, without surgery to say. Those too big, bulking over, remind me of obesity, which I consider less healthy, to bear better chances for me since It's somehow favoured by most of society, and nowadays a more problematic disorder to cure than the opposite.
    If there is a ratio between breasts and nipples, with smaller size boobs the nippels would be smaller too.
    -I do in fact prefer women with breasts way below mentioned proportion, most likely due to the fact that I'm desperately looking for chances, since I am a now 25 year old virgin, with few attractive aquaintances. (I think it's prove that a major keyword in my porn searches is "tomboy")
    I also still tend to fantasize about girls from my teenage years, where their boobs weren't quite as developed eihter.
    -They also might subconsciousely remind me of other unpleasant things.
    (I. E. women who gave birth tend to have enlarged nipples too. And I never, EVER, would want to throw my life into the shitter by reproducing in offsprings.

    So considering all of that, it might simply be some psychological deficiencies combined with the fact, that contrary to most guys, I actually try to consciousely think about this stuff.

    Took me almost 3 hours to formulate this. I hope at least someone's gonna read it.

    • 2mo

      whiile there r many things that are biologically explainable, i dont think large areolae are an example. its simply cultural and probs related to pornography. someone started some imagery of large looking like pepperoni or something and it stuck. i think that cuz large areola tend to be more erotic and striking looking. the whole purpose of areolae are for an infant to find the nipple so i would assume it to be more favorable as well. women who give birth also tend to have large breasts. areola enlarge and darken and breasts enlarge during pregnancy. all three happen and indicate fertility. why aren't all three favorable, u know? srsly. it's cultural. and im saying this as someone with avg to small sized areola

  • I think smaller areolas are more attractive but I don't care if a girl has larger ones

  • every guy is different ! there is no correct answer here... I love big boobs, small boobs, perky boobs, saggy boobs, small areolas, big areolas, (very very big) lol but i do have a preference when it comes to nipples. I love big nipples! so there you have it!

  • where are you getting your misinformation... Most men... really? your generalizations are just not correct.

    Men love boobs! period! Big, small, large areola, small pointy nipples, light, dark,... it doesn't matter. Boobs are beautiful. Your boobs sound absolutely delightful. And any guy worth a damn would be thrilled to see, touch, kiss... them.

  • Smaller is more attractive and more feminine and lady like

    • Um, have you ever seen a guy with big areolas? I don't think so.

    • so does that change that I view them as more womanly?it doesn't

  • I like them long ass National Geographic, pencil eraser nipples.

  • idk. Somewhat larger than ours is alright but not huge. Smaller just look better and more perky


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  • Guys just like them better.I guess they look better to them?I have big ones but I'll get a reduction.Quite cheap & simple.

  • I have b cups and large aerolas and I have always been so self conscious about them, butyou ma'am are absolutely right, its feminine!

  • From what I've read, many say they like larger ones... Can't speak for every guy, though. I have pretty big ones myself and my boobs are not even that big. :/