Why do most men prefer small areolas?

I understand that most men like larger breasts because they're more feminine. Of course, men have practically flat chests. So yeah, actually, I get why men like rounder breasts, period, no matter their size, because they're femenine. I mean, even small, round A cups can be way more feminine than... Show More

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  • bigger areolas are so hott! I consider that way more feminine than smaller ones! like ones that are like a couple inches across maybe even slightly more, depending on the size of the boob, are perfect! it just has to be proportional. I've heard of girls being self-conscious about big areolas but I have no idea why. unless they're grossly huge, but that never happens lol

    • I know... sometimes I feel that mine are kind of big, especially for my breast size, but hell, I'm a WOMAN! It's not rare for a woman to have big areolas... so I just tell myself to shut up, and love my breasts. Even in p*rn you see a lot of women with big areolas and guys don't seem to care. So I guess I shouldn't care. I like the way you think.