Guys, tell me the truth...does your wife swallow your sperm?

I am just not getting any feedback regarding this. I figure guys wouldn't mind giving me the dirty low down. Please don't be proper with this. Just tell me yes or no and be truthful. If you have feeling about this, then express those as well. I need to get as many answers as possible on this subject. THANKS!~


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  • dont forget to pick best answer

    • I am still waiting on more answers...what about you swallow?

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    • YOUr not bothered by the taste?

    • With my ex's it wasnt the taste it was it being hot that made me sick so id spip, but with my b.f now its fine I don't mind it too much I just donw it like a shot

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  • My girlfriend does. We had a conversation about this once, she said that she started to do that about 4 years ago. She use to spit it out but she said the taste is already in her mouth & it's only about a tea spoon full so she swallows. Yes I will kiss after as long as she never snowballs me. I think that she knows that would be a no no so I trust her & I don't think that she will ever try.

    No my wife did not. She tried it once & threw up. So I never did that to her again.

  • My wife and I been married six years she swallows me about twice a week she reckons when I explode she knows she done a good job ! Plus when we're on holidays she swallows every day cause she more relaxed may be twice a day ! I have asked her about her ex boyfriends and she swallowed them also , so I take it she likes cum

  • My girlfriend swallows, sucks it all up if a drop is spilt and licks me clean

  • Not wide but my girls drinks it while giving me a blo job ;) xxx

  • Yes my wife swallows . I personally don't care if she dose or doesn't I find it more sexy to see it run down her chin.

    • Sounds like you guys have a very comfortable sex life. That great!

    • Agreed. As long as the motion doesn't stop when I'm ejaculating I don't care where it ends up.

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  • Actually I'm the wife and yes I swallow cum. I enjoy swallowing my husband's cum. He's diabetic and his cum is thick and sweet. It's pretty darn good. Years ago when I first started swallowing I didn't think too much of cum, but the more I swallowed, the more I enjoyed it and the more enthusiastic about it I became. Now I'm a real cum swallowing fan.