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Guys, tell me the truth...does your wife swallow your sperm?

I am just not getting any feedback regarding this. I figure guys wouldn't mind giving me the dirty low down. Please don't be proper with this. Just... Show More

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  • dont forget to pick best answer

    • I am still waiting on more answers...what about you...do you swallow?

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    • YOUr not bothered by the taste?

    • With my ex's it wasnt the taste it was it being hot that made me sick so id spip, but with my b.f now its fine I don't mind it too much I just donw it like a shot

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What Guys Said 11

  • Yes my wife swallows . I personally don't care if she dose or doesn't I find it more sexy to see it run down her chin.

    • Sounds like you guys have a very comfortable sex life. That great!

  • Not wide but my girls drinks it while giving me a blo job ;) xxx

  • I was in many relationships. About half swallowed.

  • first wife swallow anything that came out second wife what not fiance depends on mood I personally over the years kinda go back and forth sometimes I like to cum on her face sometimes in her mouth and so onfirst wife just had no hang ups second wife said it made her gag

  • my girlfriend only swallows the sperm if she is giving me only a blowjob, and sometimes a handjob, otherwise she just lets the sperm get on my penis and continues to stroke it because she loves it messy

  • My girlfriend does. We had a conversation about this once, she said that she started to do that about 4 years ago. She use to spit it out but she said the taste is already in her mouth & it's only about a tea spoon full so she swallows. Yes I will kiss after as long as she never snowballs me. I think that she knows that would be a no no so I trust her & I don't think that she will ever try.No my wife did not. She tried it once & threw up. So I never did that to her again.

  • no

    • Why not?

  • My girl swallows 100% of the time I dont finish inside her. She swallows during BJs, hand jobs, and when I masturbate I always finish in her mouth. She is a kinky girl and it turns her on to be my cum slut.

    My ex wife treated it like it like battery acid which was not much fun or very sexy attitude to have IMO. My girlfriends eagerness and enthousiasm for me is the sexiest and most erotic thing I ever had in a woman and now am completely spoiled.

  • No generally not. On a rare occasion she might. but maybe 1% of the time. I wish she would. it makes me feel better when it happens.

    • Do you discuss your needs with here?

    • Yes, I've discussed it with her. She's just not comfortable doing it. It makes me sad.

  • My wife does probably 85% of the time, which is cool. The other times she will just rub her tongue really hard against it and give her faceor her boobs a come covering. I am trying to get her to let me shoot it in her mouth when I pull our after sex...any tips?

  • My wife won't hardly get my **** near her mouth.if you think she is going to swallow it, you've got to be dreaming. In fact, I've never had a woman do that for me. One of the downsides of only being with one woman your whole life.

    • You have to talk to her. Anyways, remember that if you go down on her she most likey will be willing to go down on you.

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    • Still faithful...not always happy about it...LOL...but still faithful.

    • How sweet!

What Girls Said 2

  • Actually I'm the wife and yes I swallow cum. I enjoy swallowing my husband's cum. He's diabetic and his cum is thick and sweet. It's pretty darn good. Years ago when I first started swallowing I didn't think too much of cum, but the more I swallowed, the more I enjoyed it and the more enthusiastic about it I became. Now I'm a real cum swallowing fan.

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