What do you girls think about rim jobs?

How do you feel about giving them, or receiving them? Also would you like it if your guy licked your taint?

so it seems the general consensus of girls wouldn't do or give it...very interesting.


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  • Have received. Enjoyed. It's not something most girls would normally think about. And as soon as they do think about it, they freak out and say no. The reason you may ask, is because it's different. Much like anal. Once a girl tries it, she may like it. Of course she may not, but you never really know until you try. The rim job was really sprung on me. I'm not going to lie. It was a bit weird at first. But once I got used to it, it was good. lol.

    Any other questions... Just ask!

    Ashley ^_^

    • licking around the ass hole, seems like it'd feel neat and gently kissing the sensitive skin (if I was to ever consider trying that, she'd have to scrub her ass till it's sparkling clean) kinda like you do to a pair of titties,... but just straight up plunging my tongue into a girls ass hole seems F'ing GROSS! I have no intention of finding out what sh*t tastes like, and that is way to close for comfort! Plus I think a girl would have to have a REALLY nice ass for me to even consider that!

    • I guess I have a pretty damn nice ass then.

What Girls Said 8

  • Id never give or recieve a rim job, what's a taint haha

    • the piece of skin between your ass hole and your pussy. lol no but seriously...

    • oh no lol

  • whats not to like about anal stimulation? if he likes it then its hot to give it. taint, a new word for me but there's lots of nerve endings so naturally it feels good.

  • not my thing, but I kinda think its hot (; but I'm more of a hj / bj kinda person :$

  • Not my thing, but some girls might.

  • I wouldn't give or recieve... because what if I did it and the guy farted in my face? I would kill him

  • Like in cars? Well maybe girls that know about cars might, but I don't know about them, so no...sorry.

    • no not like in cars! wow! look up what a rim job is you might be surprised.

  • See, I have absolutely no idea what any of that means, so no, I don't think I'd be cool with it. I'm so innocent :P It can be pretty annoying sometimes...

    • would you like your 'ass to be licked?' By the way, your "taint" is the piece of skin between your ass hole and your pussy.

    • Umm... No. No, not so much.

What Guys Said 1

  • Ok, I am a guy and I enjoy being rimmed its a amazing feeling especially when they put the tongue inside the hole but I don't mind being rimmed by a guy or a girl either works well and still makes me go crazy.

    I enjoy giving them to guys more than girls guys normally seem to be in to them more.