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How to get laid on spring break?

I'm going to Florida in a month with 7 others girls, about 3 of us are really just wanting to have sex with a hot guy. How would we go about this?... Show More

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  • Umm, basically go to any club. I was in Panama City last SB. I <3'ed it!

    • That's where we're going as well. :)

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  • You're asking how to get laid on spring break? In Florida? Really? Naw, you're trolling us, right?

  • step 1: have a vaginastep 2: open your legsstep3: watch as d*** after d*** lines up to get in.lol seriously a woman who doesn't know how to just get laid?! is this a joke question?

    • I meant like the approach haha. Every time I've had sex it's been in a relationship and I didn't have to 'go look for it.' Like, I don't know how to let him know I just want sex without being so blunt about it. I'm looking to be subtle about it and now just 'Hey f*** me!' Plus there's 8 girls going including me, they might **** block because the other 4 who don't want to hook up are goody-two shoes.

  • come to sarasota lol

  • Step 1 - go to a clubstep 2 - look make eye contact with a guy you wantstep 3 - let him do the rest

  • how many guys have you been with in your life? just curious

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