I don't want my boyfriend to come in my mouth...?

How do I tell him? We were having phone sex, cos it's long-distance. I don't like phone-sex and he knows that, but I do it for him. He was saying do you want to drink me? Now by this point he was really hard, and he'd just been saying how he wanted to "drink" me... I didn't want to ruin things, so... Show More

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  • Tell him straight. Gentle but straight. That he has to give you time and space and to be more gentle! If he loves you, he won't mind. Such things later on may make you hate sex, if only he enjoys it. So tell him how you feel. Don't be afraid of that! Tell him that you said things and did things for him. But he has to let you make things yout way. And to slow down. And if you are afraid, take it step by step. make him come and taste it first. You may even like it. Who knows. Just be straight with him and talk about things.

    • thanks for your answer... I think your right and I wll tell him... I asked this to the guy below too, but do you think he would like it if I told him next time during phone sex I wanted him to come on my t*ts? like that way he doesn't have to do it in my mouth and I could still taste it after...

    • Tell him that. It won't kill him or anything :D. And I would consider it wery hot if I see girl tasting it.