I don't want my boyfriend to come in my mouth...?

How do I tell him? We were having phone sex, cos it's long-distance. I don't like phone-sex and he knows that, but I do it for him. He was saying do you want to drink me? Now by this point he was really hard, and he'd just been saying how he wanted to "drink" me... I didn't want to ruin things, so I said yes. And he said how are you going to do that? So I said suck him hard... Bare in mind that I find this pretty uncomfortable, my boyfriend is 26 and I'm 18, and I had hardly any sexual experiences before him. I wouldn't say I would NEVER let him come in my mouth, but I need more time, I'm still trying to get used to giving bjs at all, and I have to say that I don't enjoy them anyway... He always grabs onto my head and starts pumping against the back of my throat until I'm gagging and if I pull away he holds it there. I'm also scared if he cums that it's going to hit the back of my throat and make me gag even more or what if it tastes really bad? I wish I wasn't so scared and I really want to make him happy and I didn't know what to say when he asked me, I would have ruined the mood. But I don't want to upset him and I don't know how to tell him... what should I do?


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  • Tell him straight. Gentle but straight. That he has to give you time and space and to be more gentle! If he loves you, he won't mind. Such things later on may make you hate sex, if only he enjoys it. So tell him how you feel. Don't be afraid of that! Tell him that you said things and did things for him. But he has to let you make things yout way. And to slow down. And if you are afraid, take it step by step. make him come and taste it first. You may even like it. Who knows. Just be straight with him and talk about things.

    • thanks for your answer... I think your right and I wll tell him... I asked this to the guy below too, but do you think he would like it if I told him next time during phone sex I wanted him to come on my t*ts? like that way he doesn't have to do it in my mouth and I could still taste it after...

    • Tell him that. It won't kill him or anything :D. And I would consider it wery hot if I see girl tasting it.

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  • Absolutely tell him.

    No sexual activity should make you scared or upset.

    Even leaving aside the age difference, he should know better.

    It's rude to grab a girls head and force-pump into her mouth, unless she has okayed that particular behaviour.

    You're only 18 and inexperienced, so believe me when I tell you, this guy is a asshole, and is treating you terribly. No girl his own age would let him get away with that sort of sh*t.

    My advice would be to dump this motherf***er as soon as humanly possible. He's trash.

  • "You're not coming in my mouth."

    • lol I wish it was that easy...

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    • well what if he just gets offended?

    • It's your mouth, not his. You say what does and doesn't go into it, not him. He's not yet a functioning adult if he doesn't get this *immediately*.

  • He should easily be able to accommodate not cum'n in your mouth. Esp. since he knows your sexual exp. b4 him was minimal.

  • Yikes. Sounds like a bit of an unbalanced relationship. It'll be over soon enough I would expect.

  • Just say 'No'.

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  • Talk to him about it when you aren't having phonesex or fooling around. Tell him, "I don't enjoy it when I'm giving you a blowjob and you grab my head, hit the back of my throat, or hold my me there when I try to pull away. I'm also not sure if I'm ready to have you come in my mouth just yet. I need you to allow me to be in control when I'm going down on you."

    If he's a good guy, the only reason he might be upset is because he didn't realize he was making you feel uncomfortable. If he isn't willing to stop doing those things, then you need to ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who isn't willing to respect you.

  • Listen,just flat out say it.I had to tell a guy the same thing when I first gave him a BJ.And you know what he said?..."Okay". And that was it.He didn't come in my mouth or hold my head.Secondly,if you are so afraid of telling him this,then you SHOULDN't be with him and vice versa. Being able to talk about such things is part of a being in a relationsip.

  • The taste of a guys come depends on what he eats. Sometimes its ehh okay and sometimes really gross. But you don't really have to tell him you're not gonna swallow, just simple change it up and tell him how about he cums on your breast or somewhere on your body that he'd like.

  • He seems a bit controlling and I'm not sure why a girl your age would be dating a guy that is 26. I'm 18 and the guy I'm seeing is 25, but he would never go farther than I wanted...and when your guy keeps your head down like that...my guy would never do. If you guys have a lot in common and the age gap is really no concern, then you should have a pretty good relationship. One that you shouldn't be afraid to tell him what's on your mind. (:

  • OK first of all it's nice that you want to do something nice for your boyfriend, but def don't do anything that is gonna make you uncomfortable because it's pointless if your not going to enjoy it also.

    I'd say if your gonna try it, then make sure you tell him to not grab the back of your head like that, I don't really like when guys try to push my head down, either. That will help to make sure that when he starts to come just take him out of your mouth a little so he's not so far in, so that way it'll be away from your throat. Just swallow as he cums and you'll taste it less. It's really not that bad, but it's def harder if you convince yourself that it is. Good luck :o)

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