Age of First Sexual Experience

How old were you when you first hooked up with someone of the opposite sex (or same sex if that's the way you swing).

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    I find it interesting that the number of girls that did it decreased from young to old and for the guys it increased.

  • If you mean making out, touching, etc, then I was 15. But if you mean losing it, then I'm still a virgin.

  • 18, the week before I turned 19,.

  • 15.

  • First experience when I was 16, but lost my virginity at 17.

  • I'm old fashioned, waited till it was someone I loved (or thought I loved) so I was 21! Got close a few times before that though... ;)

  • I was 16 x

  • Still waiting at age 21. :|

  • 14

  • I guess technically I'm still waiting to, but assuming I'll have at least one sexual experience before I die, I went with B.