Sleeping in a bed with a best friend of the opposite sex?

This is mainly for girls.

1) Would you ever sleep in a guy best friends bed and not have feelings for him?

2) If you didn't have feelings for him would you cuddle with him?

3) What would you wear to bed? (Underwear? Clothes? Pjs?)

if you were cuddling with a guy friend would you get mad if he got an erection?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Heck yes! I've slept in my male best-friend's bed plenty of times. In no way do I ever see him as anything other than almost like a brotherly feeling.

    2. I'm a little cuddle bug! Always feels good to have snugglefests! Reguardless if you like the person or not...either way, snugglefests will always make you feel good :)

    3. Id be in my favorite cozy shorts & tank-top!