Sleeping in a bed with a best friend of the opposite sex?

This is mainly for girls.

1) Would you ever sleep in a guy best friends bed and not have feelings for him?

2) If you didn't have feelings for him would you cuddle with him?

3) What would you wear to bed? (Underwear? Clothes? Pjs?)

if you were cuddling with a guy friend would you get mad if he got an erection?


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  • 1. Heck yes! I've slept in my male best-friend's bed plenty of times. In no way do I ever see him as anything other than almost like a brotherly feeling.

    2. I'm a little cuddle bug! Always feels good to have snugglefests! Reguardless if you like the person or not...either way, snugglefests will always make you feel good :)

    3. Id be in my favorite cozy shorts & tank-top!

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What Girls Said 13

  • 1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. If I had PJs, I'd wear them. If it was an unplanned thing, I'd wear my clothes or something of his.

  • 1) Sure. If we're super close buddies it wouldn't be a problem.

    2) Totally. I'm a cuddler. I do that with my good guy friends all the time.

    3) Probably a tank top and some shorts. With underwear underneath, of course. Sans a bra, though, because it's just uncomfortable to sleep in one.

    • Would you ever sleep in just your panties?

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    • what if he tried taking your pants off when you were cuddling?

    • Well if he tried taking my pants off then he obviously doesn't see me as just a friend and I need to talk with him about that. If I see him as JUST A FRIEND then I will treat him that way. Nothing sexual whatsoever.

  • ive got a guy friend who I'm pretty close with. we cuddle and sleep together, nothing sexual. just nice to have a cuddle buddy sometimes :)

    no feelings.

    i wear my underwear and a tshirt. I can't wear pants, they drive me nuts because it takes me so long to get comfy.

    • So like do you ask him to sleep in your bed or do you just go in his whenever you want?

    • umm..its more like we are drinking together. and we both just want to cuddle and sleep together. what ever bed is closer.

  • 1. Sure.

    2. I like cuddling, so why not ? As long as he knows there are no special feelings behind it.

    3. I would wear what I usually wear: shorts and a T.

    I can't really get mad at him for something he can't control. Since we're close enough to cuddle, then we make a joke out of it to lighten the mood maybe ? Or just say it happens.

  • 1) Yes, I have done this before, no big deal to me.

    2) Personally, I can be very affectionate, so yes, cuddling is okay with me.

    3) Same as I always wear to bed.

    4) Why would I get mad? Unless he's a professional p*rn actorm there's no way he can control that.

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  • I wish i had someone to share my bed with , and not just in a sexual way. mine has been empty for years

  • wish I had a cuddle buddy lol