Are women wet all the time or only when they are sexually aroused?

I know women get extra wet if they're aroused but if you touched a woman who was not aroused down there would it feel really wet or just moist or is it dry? Also if you are sexually aroused how long does your vagina stay wet for, does it get dry right away if you're not excited anymore or does it stay wet until you wipe it off?


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  • It's moist most of the time and varies greatly depending on arousal/time of the month- for instance other than blood I almost completely dry up down there when on my period and most of my friends are in agreement. If I'm sexually aroused I can stay wet for hours, it doesn't dry up unless I do something about it which after sex sometimes makes it a little bit uncomfortable- not painful, just annoying. That's difficult to explain.

    • Do you mean the wetness is annoying after sex or it gets dry after and is annoying?

    • The wetness itself is annoying. I get really really wet at the point of climax and when that happens unless I wipe it away it causes a very weird sensation. It just means I can't sleep until I've dealt with it.

    • Thanks for the informative answer. :)

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  • Every women is different as far as wet goes a women is wet all the time because the. Moisture is actually something the women needs to keep Her healthy there but thee more aroused she is the more wettness there is because that's another reason why she is wet to make sexual intercourse possible because with out her being fully aroused intercourse could be. Painful for her and the womena moisture also changes through out her monthly cycle for an ex when a woman is going through ovulation which is when she is most likely to get pregnant she will become very wet through out the time it takes her to complete ovulation an the reason why. She had more moisture during this. Time is because its natures why in helping. For intercourse Ans the wettnesss actually helps. Sperm move faster through the women as far as how long she may stay wet after being aroused is different for everyone now for me after me being aroused I stay wet for along time no matter what I do I can shower or Take a bath and I stay wet till the next day

    • Thanks for the fascinating answer. I had no idea a woman could stay wet that long. If I was a woman I think that would actually make me mad but I suppose you're used to it.

    • Your very welcome and I'm not used to it its very uncomfortable its almost like if you was to walk around with a hard on because that's the best way to explain it feel free to ask me anything


  • It'd be pretty dry, overall, but a little moist in some areas.

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  • Only when we're aroused or on our period. That's one of the reasons why penetration too early can be painful. If you were to touch it any old time, then it will most likely be soft, but dry.

    • I'm so sorry for asking this and I don't blame you for not answering if you don't but I'm so confused right now I just have to ask this--- You say it feels wet when on your time of the month but another woman that answered said other than blood she is completely dry during that time of month so umm... seriously I'm just honestly wondering does it feel different to be wet from your period than sexual arousal or is it all just the same feeling?

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    • Shoot.

    • Maybe she wears a tampon, that's probably why she's dry.

  • well lets say it is usually damp rather than wet, sexual arousal makes it wet the more aroused the wetter

    • Thanks for the info and putting in the effort to fully answer the question.

    • hmmm why did this end up as a new answer rather than a comment ? anyway I hope your question is answered now

  • wetness occurs with excitement, all women are different but for me arousal means wetness like arousal means hard on for men, the wetness doesn't go away on its own, sexual pleasure just makes it more wet and so it needs wiping either way, I hope that is what you meant with your question ?

    • Yes you mostly answered it, about 90% of the question. Thank you.

      I usually don't ask questions like this but I'm just curious about women since I'm not a woman and have no idea what it's like living a with a vagina.

    • so what was the othet 10 % ?

    • The only other thing I was wondering is if it's wet all the time and then gets extra wet if you're aroused by something or if it is pretty much dry if you're not thinking about anything that turns you on. I think it would be annoying if it's wet all the time.

  • Vaginal wetness increases when aroused and when they arent, it drys up. Of course it is still slightly wet on a regular basis but It gets a lot wetter when they are aroused.

  • Here is what happens to me. I usually don't get wet down their unless I'm turned on or I'm not wearing panties. I find that I'm dry down there most of the time, but when I am turned on I am wet. I also find that when I'm not wearing panties, I feel liberated, and I am sometimes turned on and that makes me wet. I don't have a problem being wet down there. I actually like it.

  • Well, the vagina has to hydrate itself. If she's not horny, yes, a girl can still be "wet" I suppose you'd call it.

  • Im just sayin what does it mean when u have nut in your underware sometimes like u just had sex it can be out the blue

  • Its a little moist in some places, but things like the clittorus are dry. I stay wet for a while, usually if I am aroused at night, it might still be slightly wet in the morning.


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  • A woman gets wet when she is aroused sexually, the reason why is because the wetness acts as a natural lubricant for your d***, so it makes sense that she would have to be aroused to get wet. But it will dry, and it doesn't take very long for it to dry.

    When you get a girlfriend this will make a lot more sense, there are different ways to a make a woman wet just remember that you can get a woman wet without even touching her pussy, there are so many different places on her body that can touch, that will get her wet, and many times you can get her very wet.

  • Is your penis hard all the time or does it only get hard when you're aroused?

    • Why such a bad attitude? I'm not trolling, I'm a virgin and just curious about women so STFU smart ass.

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    • If you were to actually THINK about my answer before responding like the typical no-nothing teenager, you might just get the logic of my comment. A woman isn't wet all the time the same as a YOU aren't erect all the time. Get it? I never said the word TROLL, I was trying to get you to use what little brains you have.

    • *sigh* I asked a question because I wanted a straight up answer (preferably from women) not a smart comment and a condescending attitude. Thanks for nothing.