Are women wet all the time or only when they are sexually aroused?

I know women get extra wet if they're aroused but if you touched a woman who was not aroused down there would it feel really wet or just moist or is... Show More

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  • It's moist most of the time and varies greatly depending on arousal/time of the month- for instance other than blood I almost completely dry up down there when on my period and most of my friends are in agreement. If I'm sexually aroused I can stay wet for hours, it doesn't dry up unless I do something about it which after sex sometimes makes it a little bit uncomfortable- not painful, just annoying. That's difficult to explain.

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    • Do you mean the wetness is annoying after sex or it gets dry after and is annoying?

    • The wetness itself is annoying. I get really really wet at the point of climax and when that happens unless I wipe it away it causes a very weird sensation. It just means I can't sleep until I've dealt with it.

    • Thanks for the informative answer. :)