Girls: do you like seeing pictures of guys naked?

I've noticed that on this site and even on MSN and yahoo messenger that guys want me to get on the webcam with them.

(which I don't)

And when I refuse, some just outright sent me a picture of their d*ck , it grossed me out.

First of all it's rude but I mean why do guys think girls want to see their junk ? it's not the prettiest thing to look at.

Does it bother you also ?


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  • Yeah guys sending me pics of their d***s just screams out "desperation" and then I automatically place them under the pervert category in my mind . They should have enough confidence to show me their FACE not effing d***. It does bother me and I used to go on a webcam chat room on a regular basis but eventually got so pissed off at the pervs and their d***s that I completely threw away my webcam!

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      exactly, I've never even used my web cam and never will honestly because it's like you never know when a random guys junk is going to pop up on your screen

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      hey its your fault for being so pretty...

      but yeah some guys are just stupid...

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      Thanks :)