Girls: do you like seeing pictures of guys naked?

I've noticed that on this site and even on MSN and yahoo messenger that guys want me to get on the webcam with them.

(which I don't)

And when I refuse, some just outright sent me a picture of their d*ck , it grossed me out.

First of all it's rude but I mean why do guys think girls want to see their junk ? it's not the prettiest thing to look at.

Does it bother you also ?


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  • Yeah guys sending me pics of their d***s just screams out "desperation" and then I automatically place them under the pervert category in my mind . They should have enough confidence to show me their FACE not effing d***. It does bother me and I used to go on a webcam chat room on a regular basis but eventually got so pissed off at the pervs and their d***s that I completely threw away my webcam!

    • exactly, I've never even used my web cam and never will honestly because it's like you never know when a random guys junk is going to pop up on your screen

    • hey its your fault for being so pretty...

      but yeah some guys are just stupid...

    • Thanks :)

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  • That's a pretty severe indictment of modern youth. So classless and weird.

  • link

    Anyway, personally, I love naked pictures of boys.

    • Oh, incase this seems rude, I'm not saying those guys aren't pathetic, LOL. Its just, you know. That's the internet. As such, 'you must be new here.'

      There was one guy I was in a band with, always used to boast about the girls he got off with, and everything. And I left the band, and about 6 months later, my friend was showing me some d*** pictures a guy was sending her, you know, the stock character perv. And I cracked up like f*** when I saw them, 'cos that was him, LOL.

  • yeah I hate it when girls just send me pics of their big t*ts... so annoying...

  • Just curious, Sweetly, if a girl sends a guy a naked picture of herself woud that be considered rude?

    • yes I think it's rude either way but a girl isn't as ugly to look at as some random guys d*ck.

      I just wondered why do guys think it's cute to do that ? first off most guys aren't exactly eye candy in the first place, (no offense) and second it is rude when I'm perfectly capable of a normal conversation and they think it's OK to paste their d*ck on the screen, aren't their other places to go for that on the internet ? it's really demeaning to "some" girls

  • A girl wanted to see my d*** on webcam once with out anything in return, I said no.

    • aww you poor innocent victim

    • Oh actually she said she'd flash her boobs, but I didn't agree with tit for tat. I wanted p**** for d***.

  • I enjoy getting naked for women, but only if they want me to. I would never flash a stranger and getting naked is something I only do in private.


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  • Better remember that in most of these cases unless it is on a webcam the pictures sent are just of a penis and lower body which is taken off the net and not even them. Usually if you say sure send me a full frontal, face and all you never hear from them again.

    We live in an age where almost everything is phony and the internet, My Space, Facebook, Tweeter and all the rest have made this so easy and possible. Heck we text so much any more we don't even know how to carry on an intellegent conversation!

  • I've never had Pics sent to me,thank goodness...But then again I don't have my photo up either...but yeah it's pretty gross.:/

  • It doesn't bother me at all, especially if the d*** is pretty and he's well groomed. Though in both cases I would just laugh it off. I mean the guy is just showing you what he's got in the hopes of turning your interest or he's just having fun with you.

    • lol glad you enjoy but I don't find it fun I think it's rude but to each their own

    • I've never done most me the ugly guy to do so lol

  • My advice to you: NEVER go on chatroulette.

    No, I don't like looking at naked guys. Dicks are ugly. Sorry if that's harsh, but they are. The only guy I want to see naked is my boyfriend.

    • your answer made me laugh

    • lol I agree I think my boyfriend is hot but that's because I have an emotional attachment to him also, just some random guys junk is not cute

  • it happens to me to...i'm glad you post this..i was wondering too

  • Some people just have ugly genitals, you should just block em K

  • Yes, it bothers me too. I've had a few people who randomly sent me pictures of themselves nude when I didn't want it to begin with. I don't like nude pics from a male. Like you said, its not the prettiest thing to look at. Half the time, the pictures make me cringe.

    • lesbo. would you rather see nude women?

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    • lol why is xia so mad at you ?

    • He just cannot accept other peoples opinion if they aren't somehow agreeing with his thoughts. I noticed his other posts are like that too.

  • If I was interested in the guy and I knew him, I'd like to see it. But other than that if a stranger sent me a pic of his penis, I would be freaked out. Luckily that has never happened to me on here, though there are a few creeps, I have only got the mild ones, nothing that creepy =/

    • lol well lucky you so far

  • Urgh, no way does it turn me on the slightest to be sent a picture of a man's private parts! It all has a time and place, and the time is when I'm with a guy and we're getting intimate... not when I'm minding my own business and not in the mood and not in a crappy photo! It either grosses me out or just makes me laugh because it's so pathetic and a bit desperate, plus shows that men don't have a clue what women want! lmao

  • My advice to you: NEVER go on chat roulette.

    No, I don't like looking at naked guys. Dicks are ugly. Sorry if that's harsh, but they are. The only guy I want to see naked is my boyfriend

  • mAKES ME horny

  • Yes it bothers a lot. I Don't wanna see Its not pretty and I am glad I am not the only one that thinks that.

  • It does bother me, it's like did you really just sent me that?

    the sadder part is when he thinks I'm going to send him one back lol

  • I agree that it's rude that they send it to you after you refuse.

    I personally don't need to look at pictures of naked men either. It does not turn me on at all. It is interesting at best. But it does not necessarily bother me. It just does nothing for me.