Is it normal to lactate when your not pregnant?

its not a lot but I'm scared.its like just enough to see but no where near enough to feed any baby.its just on the tip of the nipple and I mainly get it before I get my period.

do you think it can be harmless?


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  • First off, I'm not a medical person at all. However, I do remember from something I learned in school that it's can be normal for a girl while going through puberty and everything to lactate. In fact, there's been evidence that some males also have this happen. Also, contrary to common belief, it is possible for women to lactate without ever being pregnant through what's called induced lactation. This is done a lot of times with women who adopt and infant and wish to breastfeed the child. The production of milk by a woman is due to certain responses in her body, generally (but not always) brought on by pregnancy. Sometimes some women's bodies have similar responses brought on by growing up. Also, on some instances, women can naturally just produce milk. In fact, I know of a woman who has never had a child and can naturally lactate. Again, I am no medical expert, but I do not think you have anything to worry about.

    • Thanks babe

    • No problem. Glad to help.

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  • I think your ok I once read that it is possible for some men to lactate so if this is possible then you should have nothing to worry about


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  • Lactating can be a sign of a medical issue, but it's not unusual for a girl to lactate a little bit. You can always make an appointment with your doctor if you're worried about it.

  • I got this when I had a boyfriend that was obsessed with sucking my breasts. Is that what's going on? Because I learned that's normal, that if you suck on a woman's breasts they start giving milk.

    • No none of that =/ lol

  • ur prob fine. if it really bothers you thn go to a doctor but I'm sure your fine