Are girls more comfortable being naked than guys?

I'd be very uncomfortable around people especially, but like how girls are always getting waxed down there, or some take advantage of topless pools/beaches.

but yeah like you never see guys going someplace and exposing themselves to get a fancy wax-job lol. seems like girls have to sort of "get naked" as a part of grooming or tidying up themselves to look pretty, if you get what I'm trying to say.

are girls more comfortable being naked than guys? and especially around other people?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd definitely vote the other way. I mean guys walk around shirtless all the time, whereas a few girls do get waxed but it is not by and large a majority of the population -- at least among the individuals I know or know of. Also, if you are comparing top for top and bottom for bottom instead of lumping exposure of any sexualized body part into one category I'm pretty sure girls are exposed less often.

    On a more personal note I know I always feel super uncomfortable with any sort of exposure because there are so many mixed expectations -- on one hand the media portrays skinny women to be attractive and on the other hand any guy I've been with seems to appreciate curves, so which is it? When I'm at a pool I'm worried that my thighs are too muscular or maybe I feel bloated that day. On the other hand when I'm with a guy I'm worried that there aren't enough curves there, because my hip bones do show and I have small breasts, which are just aspects of my relatively athletic build.

    On the whole though I think both sexes feel equally uncomfortable about different aspects of their bodies. However, girls are usually more physically close with their friends and do bond more over primping. I can say that I have been around/ seen most, if not all of my good female friend in underwear when trying on outfits or getting ready for an event -- how that translates to nudity I guess is really up to the friend group.