Are girls more comfortable being naked than guys?

I'd be very uncomfortable around people especially, but like how girls are always getting waxed down there, or some take advantage of topless pools/beaches.

but yeah like you never see guys going someplace and exposing themselves to get a fancy wax-job lol. seems like girls have to sort of "get naked" as a part of grooming or tidying up themselves to look pretty, if you get what I'm trying to say.

are girls more comfortable being naked than guys? and especially around other people?


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  • I'd definitely vote the other way. I mean guys walk around shirtless all the time, whereas a few girls do get waxed but it is not by and large a majority of the population -- at least among the individuals I know or know of. Also, if you are comparing top for top and bottom for bottom instead of lumping exposure of any sexualized body part into one category I'm pretty sure girls are exposed less often.

    On a more personal note I know I always feel super uncomfortable with any sort of exposure because there are so many mixed expectations -- on one hand the media portrays skinny women to be attractive and on the other hand any guy I've been with seems to appreciate curves, so which is it? When I'm at a pool I'm worried that my thighs are too muscular or maybe I feel bloated that day. On the other hand when I'm with a guy I'm worried that there aren't enough curves there, because my hip bones do show and I have small breasts, which are just aspects of my relatively athletic build.

    On the whole though I think both sexes feel equally uncomfortable about different aspects of their bodies. However, girls are usually more physically close with their friends and do bond more over primping. I can say that I have been around/ seen most, if not all of my good female friend in underwear when trying on outfits or getting ready for an event -- how that translates to nudity I guess is really up to the friend group.


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  • I don't believe it is a gender thing at all. Feeling comfortable being naked in front of others is something that is learned and accepted. Going to a beach and being topless is much different than being at the beach totally naked. Depending on your culture and upbringing nudity is either taught to be very private or totally the opposite that being nude is no big thing. I spend times at nudest resorts, nude beaches and for me to be seen nude is no biggie. I have friends who would die before following me into Cypress Cove or onto one of the few nude beaches around here. Most girls would go along with the topless part.

  • Girls only really get waxed down their to feel more comfortable around guys! :) and girls don't have the size issue to be worried/embarased about. Id say if anything girls are more uncomfortable around guys naked than guyd around girls. Just think... Guys walk around topless at times!Just look at all the questions girls ask about boobs, stretch marks, scars, their size and their labia etc. Although in all fairness id say both sexes can be equally as uncomfortable in front of each other. It justdepends how comfortable you are with the way you look.

    • well a girl topless and a guy topless are totally different things pretty much, or that's at least what we were conditioned to believe.

  • Girls, in my opinion, are way more aware about their body and do not feel necessarily comfortable around other people; especially naked. It took me a while but when I got around it I don't really care. I mean when I go to the sauna, there are people who might look, but it's nothing awkward.


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  • I think it is because girls bits really only show when they spread eagle or do jumping jacks or bend over. They are hiding it much easier. And they don';t have much to be concerned about when it comes to genital criticisms... since they are not showing like ours does. Who ever pointed to a girl's p**** area when there was nothing to see and said "Ha ha!"

    • well there's really nothing to laugh at on a girl anyways lol

    • That's what I mean, less inhibition to go nude.

  • When women are around each other, nudity doesn't seem to be such a big deal. For guys it's different. I don't really feel uncomfortable being naked, but it's not like I go around my friends with my stuff out lol. But if I were to do something like model for an art class or something, I think I could be able to do it.

    So I don't really feel that it's a gender thing. Women get naked to get waxed because it's necessary to get waxed. It's in a professional environment and not being naked just for the hell of it.

    • i see what you're staying. its still something that they probably just grow used to tho, like if it was a guy in there having to whip out the shlong for the first time for someone to eye for the next 15 mins, it'd probably be a whole lot weirder lol

    • Yeah, it would be odd. And I'm saying this with the greatest amount of heterosexuality, but I prefer male doctors when I have to get physicals. It's sort of weird for me to whip it out for someone that under any other circumstance I wouldn't be allowed to just get naked. I'd be comfortable showing all around a girl sexually, but doctors are sadists. So yeah, a dude somehow is better when getting physicals.

  • As explained in SEINFELD, a woman's body is like a work of art. With the soft skin, curves, it is meant to be admired. A man's body is ordinary and is like a jeep - just meant to get around.

    Not to say there aren't some butt ugly women and some gorgeous looking men, but on a whole that is just how God created man and woman hence women are more comfortable being nude.

    I myself am one of the few good looking men who can be perfectly fine being naked tho =)