Why do YOU have a Foot Fetish?

OK so I know this question probably doesn't come up often. But if your into feet...why? I'm curious. What attracts you to them? When did you first begin to see them this way? And what is the ideal pair of feet to you? What are turn offs?

I'm asking because I don't understand but would like to. :) haha


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  • I will set the record straight. I have a foot fetish. To be honest, it's not extreme like that dude on True Life.

    I don't like just any feet. There is a particular kind. They have to have a somewhat even tone on the soles and the toes have to look like you're had a pedicure at least once in your life. Jacked up feet with like bunions fungus and callouses are disgusting and I would almost consider leaving a girl for that.

    The root stems deep in the subconscious and I believe the history trails back to the Feudal Age. Serfs and peasants would have no shoes and their dirty feet symbolized poverty, while the "princess" was likely well taken care of, and her feet were pure and free of grime. Clean feet symbolized purity, and the poor serfs would have kneel before them.

    When I see a pretty girl with clean, pure feet I think "wow, she's a princess!" and I couldn't keep my tongue off any part of her, including her feet. I would treat her like the princess she is. Nowadays that should validate everything girls aim for, they really take particular care of themselves and try hard to be viewed as "pure" and clean. When your feet are perfect, the rest is gravy.

    As you see, it's not a love for all feet in the world, just a special kind.

    • What if someone is a dancer or model etc, and they have callouses from dancing and the shoes they wear? And what about hair on the feet due to genetics? Or what about mild cases of athlete's foot? even with pedicures feet with athlete's foot will still have a hard texture, even tho they are smooth. And what about freckles on the feet?

      sorry I'm just curious! lol hope you don't mind all the questions. You've been the only one to answer in detail so far. haha

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    • Hair: Even if they shave it or use hair remover to not have hair there? Just the fact they had hair there throw you off?

    • Could not agree with this gentleman more. It is not just any feet. They have to be very very perfect. In fact, I found a medical site on feet and I was happily surprised to see that whatever I do not like in bad feet is some kind of medical condition. So I am very very rigid about what are pretty feet in my mind.

      Also, I am not into that stuff like most guys; I don't want to be dominated and I don't start thinking of licking the feet etc. I just like to admire pretty feet.

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  • I used to have a foot fetish before I even knew what a fetish was (around the age of 5-8 years old) but I quickly discarded iit once I discovered what lies beneath a womans clothes through the glorious thing that is the internet.

  • I gotta admit... when I go to a site like Xhamster, I'm very much drawn to the 'footjob' videos... ;)

  • I don't know lol, not gonna embarrass myself here

    • but you can answer as anonmyous! :) lol

    • too late now, send me a pm

  • i don't have a foot fetish. id give my girl foot massages if it makes her happy. but I'm not putting that foot anywhere near my mouth =]

  • The main reason people have a foot fetish is because of their childhood, personally the thought of a women's feet holding my penis turns me on and her feet being covered in my sperm is almost... Endearing? It's like just like When girls have a fetish for abs or guys with a boob fetish. It's skin on skin contact and its unique, to the girls that don't wanna try it your not bring forced but if your friend or boy friend has a foot fetish try indulging him you might like it. It'll be like going to a spa but knowing your foot has complete control over him. A lot of people like sand in between their toes it's just like that but softer and warm. Plus if a girl gives me a footjob I know she's willing to please me and I'll go farther to please her or one of her fetishes

    • Beechbum I have to ask, my partner has a fetish and at first I wasn't sure how to take it but have an open mind and accepted that part about him. Im willing to understand it further and i let him have his way with my feet quite openly. However its not something he's OK with having and resorts to talking to other people in forums or private emails about it and exchanges photos stories etc without telling me. I need a males opinion and am hoping someone can bring light as to why he may be acting this way? He tells me my feet are ridiculously attractive and that a lot of people would think so. We talk about it til he feels embarrassed despite the fact he knows I wouldn't think differently. Just curious.

  • I'm not sure why I like feet exactly but it does stem from childhood, possibly because they something people don't really make sexy or see as sexy. I kinda had one as a child then it stopped until I went on a trip and then it came back. If I'd never seen a footjob video It probably just would've gone away on it's own

  • I think it was at first I was a kid repulsed by feet. I don't know why. But I think prior to that I saw a "Three's Company" episode where I saw a woman running her foot up the character, Jack Tripper's leg and even as a little boy, I was aroused. Somehow over time it manifested into me having a foot fetish.

    In my teens when AOL came out, pretty soon so did the foot fetishist and then I was, at 15-16 years old, talking to chicks into giving me cybersex footjobs. I mean the foot fetish things has been around since the middle ages and never really talked about. I mean women like to dominate men, face it, there is nothing more powerful than a man at your feet, worshiping them. So who knows my deal, I love women's feet and love footjobs because they feel great especially when a girl gets pedicures and takes care of her foot.

  • idk I'm pretty sure its sumthin you pick up wen your a kid I have a foot fetish but I don't remember like how I got it and I don't know y girls feet turn me on they just do I like wen a girl takes care of her feet and keeps them pretty and if she doesn't care to I'm perfectly happy to do it for her lol I also like being dominated by a girls feet which is basically just licking her feet as she calls you names and stuff and makes you worship them. I'm even down to lick a girls feet clean if they were dirty I got it pretty bad lol


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  • I don't get it either! My friend is always telling me "can I see your feet?" and I'm like no, wtf hahaha! He says he likes women feet, and I ask why, and se he because he just does -.-

    • I hope someone answers on here so we can both understand! lol

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    • if you like him, let him. you'd be surprise what you can do with your toes to bring a man to his knees :)

    • Lol, I do let him lol, I don't mind anymore (: