Girls&Guys: Have she ever experimented with inserting objects into his penis?

When I was in college, I had a Girlfriend who was a nursing student. On several occasions, she combined HJ's with inserting objects. The first was an electronic thermometer she used to "take your temperature" (it was 96), which didn't feel like much. The other she called "a stainless steel... Show More

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  • What the hell man, I hope you're joking. If not, then it's messed up - it's people like you who fill my ER (not my ER per se, but I'm finishing up my internship) and waste our time when things go wrong. Gather around kids, it's time for a long winded, and *hopefully* pointless story:

    1) You're practically begging for an infection. By inserting things, you are pushing bugs that normally can't access your urinary tract pretty far in.

    2) Your urethra isn't designed for anything except fluids (hence, passing stones hurts like a mofo). If you continue then you will definitely rupture vessels, cause nerve damage, leading to permanent erectile dysfunction. Though I think in your case, the inability to get it up to procreate may actually be a good thing.

    3) Your nurse-to-be girlfriend should know better, and she would be blackbooked from ever practicing if info like this leaked.

    Now, tell me that you're a troll and move on.