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Guys are big hips & thighs a turn on or turn off?

Guys are big hips & thighs a turn on or turn off? ^^^just wondering^^^^

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  • Absolutely. Big hips = Big ASS, and I just love ladies that have shall we say... a big backyard, if you know what I mean. Trust me, it's perfectly okay if you have a little sway in your bay. I don't like skinny chicks (or the 'tudes that tend to go with 'em). So, yeah, big hips are good.

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What Guys Said 7

  • Replace 'big' with 'robust' and then yes, totally.

  • LOVEEE it!, I find big hips and thick thighs a huge turn on. Something about the way they look is incredibly sexy, I love how they fill out skirts and clothes and just look amazing :D

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  • turn on. as long as you don't have tiny shoulders, triangles don't do it for me.

  • TURN ON! - I LOVE LOVE LOVE a girl with big hips & thighs. My perfect girl bar-none: 36C-26-40

  • TURN ON. Caps was necessary to show I like it a lot. Hopefully a nice ass goes along with the other two.

  • hugeeeeeee turn on...i hate really skinny girls so when a girl has big hips and thighs its so sexy plus more to hold onto...and it just looks better in jeans or a skirt when you have thighs and hips to fill it out!

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  • When I see girls with big hips and thighs, I get kinda jealous, not gonna lie.

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