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Where do guys like to be kissed?

Where do guys like to be kissed?

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  • um girls the part where guys really like to be kissed is actuallyy everywhere. but here's a tip. start kissing him softly on their lips (not to soft), then start going down but not to fast and rub your tongue when you go up(sorry don't go lower his chest yet though) to his neck and start kissing him on his neck and go directly with your tongue around his ear and bite his ear in a sexy way (not wildly), then kiss him again on his lips in a sexy way but a little roughly (that's a turn on trust me) now you can start going a little lower untill you get "THERE". but remember as you're going down kiss him and rub your tongue everywhere on his chest but kiss him at the same time. You are so having an awesome night if you try this belive me. Remember to ALWAYS use new ways to really trun a guy on.

What Guys Said 4

  • Most anywhere.

    Guys might have a few hang ups though; varies from guy to guy:

    cheek (too much like grandma)

    ear (tickles, kind of can make a strange noise)

    Top of head (skull, not lower you dirty minded people. too much like mom)

    feet, armpit, gluteus (worried about stank)

  • I'll kinda tell you where they liked to be kissed

    it ryhmes with Rock & Talls

  • I've been dating girls since the 80's WE ARE ALMOST ALL THE SAME. KISS ME ANYWHERE AND It's ALL GOOD! My kids freak out when I talk about such things but I can only tell the truth. As long as a guy likes you you can do what you like and he won't complain.

  • Anywhere that doesn't remind them of there mom or grandma, or the old neighbor man next door

What Girls Said 6

  • Well what can I say.. It depends what guy your dealing with and in what way your asking.. If its a normal kiss mostly I would say on the lips and neck.. But if its sexually I would say on the lips neck and stomach and you the other part.. But it all depends on the guy.. I guess..

  • Well I love to kiss the lips and head. I fond the guys like that too!

  • Well I have heard they loved to be kissed on the lips and then on the neck and then on the stomach and then lower but if its not going to be really sexual then just on the lips and neck.

  • mouth.

  • My guy friends say the back of the neck. Then I say no way and slap them. But it sounds like they would enjoy it if I tried.

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