How do I know if I'm shooting blanks?

Im came inside of a a couple girls and still they never gotten pregnant. I've done this many times and still havnt gotten her pregnant. Am I shooting blanks?


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  • You would have to give a sperm sample to a fertility doctor or clinic, so they could examine it under a microscope.


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  • Pregnancy is a finicky thing, it could be her first time, her one hundredth or her five hundredth time when it happens. For me I've been sexually active for 5 years, used little to no protection and didn't get pregnant until I intentionally tried for 8-12 months.

  • You have to see a doc for this sort of thing, But seeing as you are pretty young, so far, you have probably just been lucky.

  • Why the hell are you intentionally trying to knock girls up? Surely you're not independent or successful enough to support yourself, let alone a family!

    Anyway, a trip to the doctor and a few of your swimmers under a microscope is the only way to know for sure.

    • Pretty sure the average 23 year old can live independently, never mind be "successful enough" to teach the child he pops out.

    • im not itentionally trying to knock up girls. I'm just saying I have before and nothing has happened. just wondering why everyone else is having kids and I'm not

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  • Go to a fertility specialist. Be prepared to jerk off into a jar. (If they are close by, you can do that at home and bring a jar in). They will give you a sperm count and a motility level-which indicates their health.

  • sounds like you are but the only way to know for surfe is to go to the doctor... maybe donating at a sperm bank would give you the required info at a cheaper price because I'm sure they do some kind of test to make sure your not shooting blanks

  • Might be a good thing because you are terminally stupid and should not reproduce.