Do guys think pornstars are hotter than their partners?

Hey, I'm a gril and I wanna know, mostly because I've never been visually aroused and well, I mostly care about a guy's face, but I've been told that I have awful taste, well I don't care, every guy I've crushed on has been the hottest to me at the time. My current boyfriend is the hottest man to me and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

I've never cared about muscles, or that stupid Hollywood crap. Also, large penises seem useless to me (have you noticed how in porn they never enter the whole way? lol it must be painful if they do!)

But do guys think these chicks are hotter? If so, why? What's the ideal female shape guys like? How do you truly feel about your partner's physique after watching lots of porn, or just in general?

(Please guys, don't go turning the tables on me, I'm not saying porn is right or wrong, it depends on the person, plus I accept it as a fact of life even though I don't have an interest in it, and don't see it as cheating. I'm not calling anyone a perv or any other stupid insult. I'm also not an insecure, controlling prick. I'm just sayin'. It's usually what people say to women asking these questions).

Thanks guys, you've all been very helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


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  • I am going to have to turn the tables on you just a bit. Like you said each guy might like a different girls face or physique. What one thinks is ugly another might find hot.

    I do agree with you, the guys have to be big for "the show" (it use to make me feel inferior)

    I think that the implants that these girls have are ridicules.

    If/when I look at porn on the computer I look for amateur films. I like to see a girl with a "normal" body & natural breasts.

    I don't compare my partner with films. I try to separate reality from well I guess I'll call it Hollywood.

    I don't think that I have ever thought or compared her to films.

    Good question.

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      The reason those girls are chosen for porn films is the same reason those men are chosen. The men are abnormal and so are the women. Most men don't have a penis as large as the men in the films and most women don't look like the ones in the film. Porn is for fantasy not reality. Women like us are the reality. If a guy ever says why don't you look like the girl in the film ask him why his dick isn't as big as the guy in the porno. That should quiet him up :)