How can I get my wife to be more freaky and less boring in bed?

Shes boring when it comes to anything sex. we used to have fun she would try new things.Now she's scared to do anything but lay there.


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  • She's "scared"? What changed? Are the two of you having problems? Is she stressed? Is she experiencing self-esteem issues? Maybe gained weight? Had a baby recently?

    • no baby she wants one she's always had low self esteem I compliment her all the time doesn't work. she's scared of what my reaction might be I tell her she want know unless she tries that I won't be mean

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    • Well, unfortunately, unless she is willing to figure out what the problem is and talk to you about it, I don't know if you'll be able to "fix" this.

    • I agree

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  • get her a book on sex positions

    • got one she started reading it then stopped

  • why is she scared? For me personally, the best thing is to take a hot bath together... slip into some lingerie and lay in front of the fire.. Can I ask what you do to turn her on? maybe if you get her really going she won't lay there like a wet rag.. lol..

    • I try everything I can think of but if I'm the only one doing anything it gets boring

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  • What kind of feedback is she getting? If she used to be adventurous but then stopped, it might be because she got some feedback letting her know that her adventurousness was unwelcome. Consistent, regular encouragement could reverse that process.

  • When you talk to her about it, what does she say?

    • she says she doesn't know why she feels that way

  • Find out the root of the problem first. You said she used to try new things and have fun, now she doesn't. Figure out what the change in her was, then maybe work on it from there.