How to make a guy wet and hard?

I know how to make him hard but not so much how to make him wet? I don't know what to do and what are some good techniques? Help me please.

What I mean by this question is like pre-ejaculation.


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  • Well with my ex we kissed for ages and I got on top of him fully clothed and started grinding while still kissing him. He was really hard. He started touching my breasts and putting his hands down my pants. He had to leave soon for work so when he took his jeans off to put his work pants on he showed me the wet mark in his boxers from pre-cum and then on his penis, I licked it off. I suppose it's just when a guy gets really really horny.


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  • Put his penis in your mouth/vagina and it will be wet :D

  • Yeah I get pre-cum, I used to get loads. I know this isn't really answering the question but ye.


What Girls Said 5

  • what do you mean by wet? cus girls get wet..guys not so much if you know something I don't can you clarify? do you mean how to make him cum?

    • Yeah like sorta like precum... or is that not normal?

    • oh OK I gotcha. well that's just comes from stimulation, so like play with it and that shud happen on its own

    • Does it usually happen? Like often for most people?

  • well, try to stimulate his penis glans and it will automatically happen

  • I pull out my sword and cape. and strip off my dwarf slayer uniform

    • I just came really hard at the thought of that; I guess that means this works for both genders, regardless of sexuality. And the person who thumbed you down just came unexpectedly and hit the thumbs down instead of thumbs up :P

    • haha I believe you are correct!

  • Push him onto the bed and strip to your bra and undie, then crawl on top him and kiss him then play with his neck and blow nice and gentle in his ear then lick his ear and bite it gently. Whisper in his ear things like I want you to rock my world... then lick and bite on his neck and suck on it too all gently, run your hands up and down his chest and slowly move down on him :)