Why do girls wear such short dresses that show off your boobs, ass cracks, and knickers?

and call guys that look at it creeps?


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  • It's a subconscious thing. Their body is telling them that they want to reproduce, but society tells them that if they do, they're a slut.

    Also, in my experience, they use it to judge (whether consciously or not) the motives of the men they interact with. Men that constantly stare at their body parts would only be looking for sex. Men who do not and maintain eye contact and conversation are not looking to simply hook up. At least that's the logic (players use it to their advantage).


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  • i kno exacly what you mean, there are a lot of females who dress scantily clad and then when guys look they are all "your a f***ing pervert! ewww I can dress however I want!" yes that may be so but what people fail to understand is that the reality is if you dress like that you want some type of attention (usually but not always) and attention is what you will get. if you dress like this be prepared for people to look

  • Ego boost maybe ? I could never really figure it out myself.

  • Obviously for attention and compliments. Don't ever believe a girl that says she doesn't enjoy guys glancing at her.

    Also for me personally, and this does not apply to all girls, I like to use it as leverage. You'd be shocked how much more men do for you when you show a little skin ;)

  • why can't we just wear what we want for OURSELVES? why must guys always leer?

    • a lot of girls will hate me for saying this but there is no other reason to be wearing that stuff if you didn't want guys looking at u.

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    • there's a difference between looking and leering. I'm fine with looking, but it's leering that crosses the line into what you call creepy

    • I secretly want to be a nudist. I love being in the nude. Should I dress That way?!?! No because it's inappropriate and I'll get unwanted attention. Not to mention I don't look like brad Pitt lol.

  • i definitely dont. I have quite big boobs and I'm very conscious of them in public. they are noticeable when completely covered, I don't want to draw any more attention to them. I can't help their size and I don't want to be looked at as a girl in that way. I want respect.


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  • It gives them a power trip.