Why are so many girls grossed out by their own vaginas?

The Vagina. Beautiful. Natural. Functional.

How is it that so many girls describe it, and its daily operations, as GROSS?!?

Meanwhile, the guys they want to love them, worship the very same Vagina?

I don't get it. Girls, please explain why you are so hostile towards your own Vaginas.


I'm definitely in the "I <3 Vagina!" camp, but that's to be expected as I'm a guy. We get to enjoy the benefits, without having to deal with the "care and maintenance". Penises are less maintenance, but subject to performance failures at the worst times!
I love the "I love my vagina!" comments. I'm saddened by the "vagina's are gross" comments. Trying to understand what causes the difference in attitude. Parents? Education? Experience? Guys?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know women who think penises are ugly too. I don't know why genitals get such a bad rap. Sure, they have wrinkles and folds and just generally look like no other part of our body, but they are a part of our body and part of a loving connection with your partner. I think it is all a part of the discomfort parents can have with discussing these subjects with their children. I mean, really, if mom and dad cannot talk to you about your body and how it changes, you must wonder that it is dirty or ugly.

    I am trying the tact of letting my young daughter know that our bodies are made exactly as they should be, but that I get it when we have talks about sex or menstruation (she is 10) that she feels uncomfortable. But, I see the more comfortable I am with the subject, the less she feels she has to act embarrassed in front of me. I have told her our bodies are private so that means we may feel uncomfortable with the subjects involving turning into a young woman, but there is nothing wrong with anything that we experience as we mature. For me, we are religious so I let her know that God created everything about us and in his image, so how could our bodies be bad or ugly. If you are not religious, I am sure there are other ways to get this point across.