Why are so many girls grossed out by their own vaginas?

The Vagina. Beautiful. Natural. Functional.

How is it that so many girls describe it, and its daily operations, as GROSS?!?

Meanwhile, the guys they want to love them, worship the very same Vagina?

I don't get it. Girls, please explain why you are so hostile towards your own Vaginas.


I'm definitely in the "I <3 Vagina!" camp, but that's to be expected as I'm a guy. We get to enjoy the benefits, without having to deal with the "care and maintenance". Penises are less maintenance, but subject to performance failures at the worst times!
I love the "I love my vagina!" comments. I'm saddened by the "vagina's are gross" comments. Trying to understand what causes the difference in attitude. Parents? Education? Experience? Guys?


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  • I know women who think penises are ugly too. I don't know why genitals get such a bad rap. Sure, they have wrinkles and folds and just generally look like no other part of our body, but they are a part of our body and part of a loving connection with your partner. I think it is all a part of the discomfort parents can have with discussing these subjects with their children. I mean, really, if mom and dad cannot talk to you about your body and how it changes, you must wonder that it is dirty or ugly.

    I am trying the tact of letting my young daughter know that our bodies are made exactly as they should be, but that I get it when we have talks about sex or menstruation (she is 10) that she feels uncomfortable. But, I see the more comfortable I am with the subject, the less she feels she has to act embarrassed in front of me. I have told her our bodies are private so that means we may feel uncomfortable with the subjects involving turning into a young woman, but there is nothing wrong with anything that we experience as we mature. For me, we are religious so I let her know that God created everything about us and in his image, so how could our bodies be bad or ugly. If you are not religious, I am sure there are other ways to get this point across.


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  • I'm not. Quite the opposite. Wash it properly and keep it clean and it won't be gross... Not that hard really...

  • I'm going to be honest, here. The reason a lot of girls harbor these feelings (and I'm in no way slamming men, I love guys, but I'm going to be honest since you asked) is that men have a lot of degrading jokes that affect how women see themselves. They use the word 'douche' to describe a bad person (and women can do this too, BTW), they use 'pussy' to describe a weak man (again, so can some women), but honestly it's the fish and chicken jokes that make girls think there is something wrong with having a vagina. I can't tell you how many women I've heard can trace it back to that, and it's simply not true (unless a girl hasn't taken a shower in like a month). That said, I don't think there's anything wrong with having a vagina, but if you ask girls a lot of the time they get their ideas from what they've heard guys say about it and they always assume the worse which is sad because there's nothing wrong with it. It gives life, for heavens sake! Take some pride in yourself, ladies! (And I realize not all men are hostile towards vaginas, so do understand I'm not generalizing. I think men should love the vagina as well! And many of them do.)

    • this is EXACTLY why women are self-conscious about their sh*t, because somewhere growing up all they hear is men making really sick jokes about how girls smell and how we are unclean and not good enough for men. granted we know men want us, but you never over hear a bunch of dudes talking lovingly about girls and their vaginas and worshipping them in the same way they might when theyre alone with their partner. and that's just men politics, but it doesn't help the situation.

  • I mean the way its shaped or how it looks - its just weird - maybe I really haven't found that part of me to be proud of it but it is so weird to me. I remember the first time I looked at it with a hand mirror - I was petrified at some point - I was like this is what guys like, could be because I haven't been deflowered yet but I still wouldn't let him eat me out - I don't know I can't really give you a reason to me it is just really gross - I'm sorry!

  • I think it may be kinda a psychological thing. Women tend to be brought up a certain way. That it's not "right" to touch ourselves, etc. It's a "forbidden" zone that she be left alone. That it is dirty and something to be embarrassed by. That extend to even just looking, naturally. So many women just never take the time to really get to know their stuff. Many are embarrassed. With guys, your equipment is there in your way, you can't miss it. You handle it every day. Ours is tucked away. We don't even have to interact with that area all that much. So it's kinda like a fear of the unknown type thing. We are not used to it, it's foreign to us, so therefore it looks alien or something lol, and we dislike it.

    I think once a woman gets more comfortable with herself, and accepts her body, and all it's juicy workings, it's less of an ... eyesore, I guess you can say.

    I think that maybe how some men view them, is also kinda the way type of thing. The more they see and learn and accept, the more they like em lol

    Love me, love my vagina. Embrace it. :)

  • well its the cause of the menstral cycle so it sucks sometimes. AKA the source of the disgusted, naucious feeling you get once a month as if a cruel little nome came and replaced your internal organs with a garbage bag and your spine with a nerds rope, all the while expected to not make a big deal about it and always told that "its not an excuse" when sometimes it can be. and cramps are the worst because its like someone surgically weaved barbed wire through my vagina and waist, then gave it a few hard tugs for fun. :(

    at least that's how it is for me. if you knew me well, I don't complain, just answering a question and informing the male readers on how bad it can really be sometimes. I'm not exagerrating, I'm on the cycle right now and not having fun.

    so yeah I would say I dislike my lady parts for those reasons and its kinda gross to visually picture it for too long in detail but id say about 90% of the time I don't have a problem with it at all. :)

  • I think all genitalia, both female and male, is ugly. That doesn't mean I'm not thankful for the pleasure they bring, but I still find them ugly.

  • Because no one wants what they already have. Personally, I'm not a fan of any reproductive organ/body part, but that is just me.

  • I love mine, and I love when guys go down on me. I hate it when guys are pansies to touch it or kiss it. It's natural. I think genitalia is beautiful on both guys and girls :)

  • Gotta say, I love my girlie bits ^_^

  • I don't think it's gross but I just don't find vaginas a pretty thing. I mean do you think much of your penis?

  • my vagina is pretty damn beautiful

  • I don't think its gross or ugly but its not really attractive looking to me either lol.

    It is what it is, and periods suck, probably the main reason I would ever

    say its "gross". But it is natural so whatever.

  • I didn't know that some girls think their own vaginas are gross.

    I think it's beautiful and natural too.

  • I do know that some girls don't like them because of periods, babies, unexpected things, and guys. I do love mine, but there are some difficulties, I think girls don't like 'em because girls like penises better, you know, 'cuz we're girls!

  • it looks disgusting, and I'm OK with like the sex thing lol well obviously I am but why on earth would I guy want to put his mouth there? I don't want to kiss him after...i mean if a guy asks 4 a bj I'm like OK sure, but I want to be kissed...but I kno I have a phobia of p**** so I'm not going to ask a guy to eat me out

  • actually I think penis is more ugly and gross. I don't like the way they feel or look. id perfer a vagina although I'm not a lesbian lol

    • Would you ever try being with a girl to see what a vagina is like close up and personal? You don't have to be a lesbian to explore and experiment.

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    • no I've never had an issue with orgasm. I've always had them but then again its REALLY easy for me to have them considering I've had orgasms during excersice,sleeping, shifting to sit differently and while deep breathing. for me I was always taught oral was "wrong" I don't have an issue with it and I enjoy it. although I hate the way they look and feel id take a real one over a fake dildo ANY day of the week

    • how close have you come to a real vagina, other than your own? do you watch girl on girl p*rn to avoid penises?

  • i actually think my vagina is pretty sexy lol I'm serious..

    • please post the picture of it to me, thanks :)

    • no, I'm saving that for my future husband :p

    • The most the future husband gets is a picture, it's the way of god.

  • I used to feel this way for the longest time ever, and swore I'd never, ever let a man eat me out, and then once I had a boyfriend I liked enough to lose my V card to him, he begged and begged to go down on me, I finally let him, and he was so grateful to me, and honestly, it was a bigger treat for him than it was for me! He always raved about how I had the most perfect, tightest, wettest, pinkest, most delicious p**** he'd ever found, and I started to agree with him after a while. Now, I have no problems getting a full Brazilian wax, because I know it's a beautiful body part, and every guy since that boyfriend has raved the same way about my vagina.

    Big shout-out and many thanks to the OP, and other guys like that who make women feel proud of their beautiful vulvae! Ladies, you are beautiful, every part of you!

  • i heart mine

  • Its just like a guy he's ashamed if its not big enough and he can't perform just like women are about the way there vagina looks

  • I love mine (:

  • I think they are kinda ugly, but I don't hate it. I think having a penis would be more fun to use, though. The "V" has performance failures too -- she doesn't always work the way we want, and she is lots of work to keep pretty for you boys. And sometimes she is hungry and we don't want to feed her junk food! Whereas a "P" is a party tool for all occasions!

  • I'm indifferent. It's just a body part. Like my hair, arms, nose. But I can understand how people, especially girls think they're gross. I mean, you try shedding the lining of your penis every month, bleeding and hurting like a mofo for a week. It's pretty beautiful.

  • We're subtly socialized that our sexual organs are dirty and shameful. I used to be grossed out by my vagina when I was younger because I didn't know any better but now I'm not. Why be ashamed of it and grossed out? I was born with one and I'm supposed to have one.

  • i like my vagina , I think its pretty. well if I don't love it who will ?

  • Really? I love my vagina! It looks like a flower! (as do most of them..)

    But I feel self conscious about it. Sometimes I feel like my boyfriends is disgusted with it. He says he loves it but I think he's just being sweet. I always wonder what he really thinks though.

    • I'm sure he can't get enough of it, which should tell you just how much he loves it!

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    • Seriously, don't feel bad. For guys, it's an awesome experience like no other. Eating out a girl puts us so intimately close to something we so desire. The smells, tastes, textures are incredible -- and very, very edible. I'm sure yours is just as delicious as any I've tasted. And just so you know I'm being totally serious, if we had just met and you offered me the opportunity to pleasure you, I wouldn't think twice about it. I'd be slurping you up like a melting ice cream cone in a minute!

    • Thanks? Lol..

      Not everyone is the same though.. You could love it, but someone else could hate it!

  • I love my vagina!

  • A woman's vagina, although a handy tool for sex and reproduction, in every day life can be a royal pain. Grooming and upkeep alone are annoying hassles. And the vagina is also prone to infection because of its dampness and overall delicateness. And yes. The vagina IS a delicate organ. Jamming objects or unwashed hands up there is just asking for a UTI or worse. And of course, there's a woman's menstrual cycle. Not only do your insides feel like your uterus turned a blender on, physically, just seeing yourself bleeding is pretty unnerving. Ontop of all this, a woman's vagina doesn't smell like anything else. If you keep clean and washed, you'll maintain your body's natural smell. But this odd odor also contributes to why girls find their sex organ so "gross."

  • i've never called my vagina gross...ever. not sure where you're getting this statement from

  • ive never described it as gross myself but an ex was really against giving oral sex because he found it 'gross' and sadly that was my first ever boyfriend and it kinda stuck with me. my current partner thinks differently but I still feel that same insecurity, and even though I know he means what he says its not easy to feel comfortable about it.

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  • I think in general, girls might be raised to feel uncomfortable about their bodies, particularly their genitals. Some of this could be an attempt to prevent them from being curious or experimenting with sex at a young age. Also, I know in my wife's case, she doesn't particularly care to touch her vagina because it just doesn't feel right to her. She wasn't every really taught about her body and learned mostly in sex-ed class in school. She never masturbated until we started having sex and was uncomfortable with the thought of it until she experienced it.

    Since a lot of women aren't given the opportunity to see what other women's genitals looks like in real life, they are likely to only be exposed to what someone might see in p**n. The women in videos are picked often by how their genitals look, not a lot of inner lips, small, tight outer labia, a clitoris that doesn't poke out, etc... This isn't what most women look like, but if it is all they see in "media" and hear about surgeries like "labiaplasty" and "vaginal rejuvenation" they feel like they need something like this so they can look "normal."

    In the end it comes down to a positive body image. I think if more women had a positive feeling about their genitals by being informed and knowledgeable about their normal function and appearance then you wouldn't need to ask a question like this because there wouldn't be an issue.

    • i agree with what you say and share some of the issues your wife obviously had

    • I was mostly the same with masturbation. I simply didn't know how, and in my high school it was seen as a "slutty" thing to "finger" yourself. But when I finished school & moved, most girls I knew were doing it, so I realized it was okay.

      And as for that second paragraph... I never thought about p*rn that way; the fact that the girls are SELECTED. Though of course they would be >.< Lol. Thanks for opening my eyes to that fact. Now I feel a little less self-conscious about the way I look :)

  • I'll sign in on this (*looks down, sees male rigging*) even though I'm a male.

    Women are far more concerned with their appearance than men except gays and metrosexuals straight guys with gay grooming habits). Look at how they fuss with with weight, hair, clothing and makeup and, more to the point their concern with the appearance of their Vulva (the whole area).

    Women know when weight, hair, makeup and clothes look good but there is no standard for perfection for a vulva itself or the grooming of it. One girl really can't tell another if she has cute one or an ugly one and so can't have much confidence in what her lover will think when he is face to face with it. I think shaving/waxing is a cop-out due to that insecurity...better to look 9 years old down there than making a fashion statement at the patch which may not be the preferred one.

    And the vulva itself can't be easily made more desirable with with surgery, clothing and makeup to enhance it. It is a part of her body that decides for itself and is mostly out of her control, making her insecure and somewhat repelled by it.

    What you all can't get used to is that mature men (not children with dycks) will mostly feel that any vulva we are that close to is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen and we will prove that by kissing and licking it even if we have to search through a forest to find it.

    • OK, so I missed the boat on menstruation. True enough, although my appearance blather stands.

    • yeah, you did. but I like your answer too. :)

    • THANK YOU! I'm a girl and I've struggled with this my whole life, and only felt good about it once I shaved the forest down there. I've always felt so ugly...like I was "too much" of a woman, because I had hair. And a happy trail for that matter...

  • Could be a bit of an exaggeration but I'm interested in the answers.

  • Probably because they're the ones who have to clean them out every day, rain or shine (rain = blood).

  • This is a sick f***ing question. Why don't you ask your mother, if you have one.

  • vaginas are gross when you think about it, if they didn't turn guys on so much they could go for a prop in a scary movie, d***s are probably not so much better either tho

  • if a girl is grossed out by her own vajayjay then she's got some problems. next!

  • So many opinions !

  • cause its really ugly

  • personaly I'd rather have a vagina than a penis.

  • vaginas are pretty gross man I would never put my mouth on my one of those. I'm straight btw

    • are you sure about that? :P

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    • maybe not, but I'm sure that you expect girls to.

    • obv. at least it gets some ventilation