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Do women with thicker thighs tend to have tighter vaginas than ones with thin?

I can't help but think that women with thicker thighs are much more likely to have tighter vaginas than those with skinny. Seeing the huge gap some... Show More

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  • it really doesn't depend on the thickness of a girl's thighs. that won't affect the tightness of her vaginal canal. maybe her labia will be tightly pressed together but it all boils down to what's on the inside. in my opinion, having your thighs too close isn't the best thing for a girls vag, it does have to breathe after all!

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  • I'm skinny. I don't have the biggest thighs.But I'm tight.Like a virgin (so I've heard, repeatedly)Why?Cuz I do kegels. All the time. Cuz, well, they're pretty easy to do anywhere.Thigh size doesn't matter.What matters is if she's smart enough to keep her downstairs in shape.

  • I'm skinny with small thighs but I'm tight. Thigh thickness has NOTHING to do with the vagina and how tight it is.

  • Tightness is dependent on the individual and how in shape they as well as their pelvic floor/pc muscles are.Being overweight or out of shape can cause your pc muscles to loosen, but being skinny doesn't mean you're in shape.I am a virgin and...idk, curvy but not skinny but not "thick", I'm 124 lbs and I do kegels religiously.

    • yes but don't you think it has at least SOME influence regardless off the individuals natural level off tightness? a girl with thicker thighs is likely to have her vagina more often than not held closely together compared to a girl with skinny thighs generally having that area more spread and not as held together

    • Legs and thighs and vaginas are different areas. Clearly you skipped biology

  • i really doubt there is an credability to that

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  • Your choice of pictures in interesting because it's well know through self admission that Rihanna is bigger vaginally. I suppose tightness could be perceived based on the differential between the size of the man and the size of the woman?

  • i don't know if that's true I mean I've hade sex with girls with skinny thighs and she had a tight fantastic vagina

  • this is the most ridiculous theory ever. another myth like shoe size or hand size to penis size

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