Do women with thicker thighs tend to have tighter vaginas than ones with thin?

I can't help but think that women with thicker thighs are much more likely to have tighter vaginas than those with skinny. Seeing the huge gap some women aim for makes me think that since its never close together as much, it won't really be as tight as a women who had thicker more fuller thighs

For example, this:


As compared with this:


This is a repost but I didn't get many answers the first time


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  • it really doesn't depend on the thickness of a girl's thighs. that won't affect the tightness of her vaginal canal. maybe her labia will be tightly pressed together but it all boils down to what's on the inside. in my opinion, having your thighs too close isn't the best thing for a girls vag, it does have to breathe after all!