I slept with a guy who has a girlfriend.

I understand that I'm probably going to get "you're a slut" and "what a bitch" comments, but I'm honestly asking for honest opinions. Thanks guys. I... Show More

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  • I had a friend who was in a similar situation, my partner's roommate had a steady girlfriend but he really desperately wanted my best friend.

    Well, one night when we were all hanging out, they messed around while the partner and I were trying to sleep (by partner I mean FB but partner sounds so much nicer), we could totally hear them.

    Problem was, my partner's not the type to accept a guy cheating on his lady, so he was in a jam wondering if he should tell his roomie's girl or not.

    Thing is, my friend only messed around with the roommate because there was crazy sexual tension and even though the roommate wanted to do it more and more with my best friend, she ignored him.

    The girlfriend never found out and eventually they broke up.

    Moral of the story, if you don't regret it and he doesn't regret it, yay. But if morality is important to you, then make sure you don't do it ever again and if you do, maybe he shouldn't be with his girlfriend.