My boyfriend wants to eat me out but I don't wanna give him a blowjob?

i wanna let him but I don't wanna give him a blowjob yet. is this selfish? would he be offended? its not that I think its gross I love his penis I... Show More

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  • Talk about with him your feelings on sexuality, your present limits.

    If he had girlfriends before, he'll know that a fellatio isn't really the sexiest thing in the world.

    For some guys it's more a test by which the girl proves her love and her submission.

    A cunnilingus doesn't have the same implications.

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    • a test!? seriousely

      and why is cunnilingus different?

    • I don't think about submission or her proving her love has anything to do with it. Both those reasons lead to bad BJs. I like it because it feels great! And it is pretty much the sexiest thing. I'd be bummed if she wasn't up to giving me oral sex. But if she explained why not yet, which I don't understand from this girl, I might be fine with it. Just talk to him about it.

    • @QA

      It all happens between the ears, rather than between the legs. Girls are not as much interested in dominating as some guys are.

      (and controlling the pleasure of a girl by giving her an almost certain orgasm eating her out rather than a less certain one by penetration is another -softer- kind of domination)