What does it mean when the guy said you're really tight vagina? Good or bad?

I don't have much sexual experiences in my past. What does it mean when guy said you have really tight vagina? Does it mean it bad for him or it's a good thing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It not only is a good thing, it's a VERY GOOD thing. Being tight means that his penis feels all of the insides of your pu$$y. The tip of his c0ck is gripped very tightly and the sensation of a tight pu$$y on his c0ck head and shaft is exquisite. However, the disadvantage is that he may shoot earlier than he wants to. But a lot of practice with a tight pu$$y will allow him to adjust his timing. Be sure to use a lot of lube is you don't get wet enough during foreplay. Fcuking a tight pu$$y that's dry is both very uncomfortable for him and may even cause damage to your pu$$y.