Does my wife still love me?

I am married, I love my wife but 90% of the time she rejected me to make love with her. she's always taking my hands off her. Is that natural from a woman?


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  • She probably does love you. Usually it isn't the reason a woman stops having sex. I went through this earlier this year, and we had a dry period where we were doing good to have sex once a month. It was due to stress from family problems, finishing college, financial issues since I was in school and not working. Not once was it that I didn't love him or desire him. I was just too exhausted.

    Do you think you could talk to her about it? You would have to be careful, as it could be a sensitive subject. This is onw of those times the communication experts would say to use "I" statements, making sure that it is about you and not you blaming her. Like, "I feel." not "What's wrong with you?" If there is an issue causing the intimacy problem, you first have to figure out what it is to fix it.


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  • There are so many things that could cause a woman to lose interest in sex.Here are a few:

    Recently had a baby

    Experiencing pre-menopause

    Infidelity (seeing another man would sure cause it!)

    Sex may be painful

    Have you talked with her about what she may be experiencing? Because of the wide variety of possibilities, I could not give you some solid advice. Once I know the cause, I would be happy to help!

  • Usually when a woman does not want sex it is for emotional reasons. Maybe she no longer feels connected to you. Maybe you have been taking her for granted and she doesn't feel like putting out when you don't "put out". I'm not saying you do these things I am just saying these could be reasons. Even if you feel everything is going fine on the non sexual side of your relationship she may not feel the same way. Most likely she still loves you she just needs to be reminded why she fell in love with you. I am a horny emer efer but when I am not feeling good about my man in one way or another I don't want sex from him. I may be dripping wet and still not try to start anything. Men usually can have sex no matter if they are upset with the woman or not but women are the exact opposite. You have to take care of whatever negative emotions she is feeling toward you before she will take care of you.


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  • probably probably not. it vareies but some relationships become passionate over tim while others work out with out sex it all depends. try talking with her if it means that much to you my dad and me talk a lot and my mom and him as far as I know have no sex and when they do its apparently spontaneus and super rare others apparently ar full of sex ande last along time, I here this stuff again from my dad whos friends and their parents go at it while others don't it all depends. you have to determine though what your relationship values are.

  • have you talked to her about her sexuality with you?