What do vaginas taste like?

My boyfriend says the girls before me tasted gooey so that's why he won't eat me out.

What have the ones you came across tasted like? Are they all that gross?


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  • I have tasted a fair few and the general consensus I can give to you through my experiences is most women taste a little salty down there (much like sweat) and the aroma is musky with the slight sent of body odour!

    Though my description doesn't make it sound all that appealing trust me it is... Remember we are human beings and deep down we work on the same instincts (Males are attracted to female pheremones and vise versa)...

    Personally I enjoy going down on a girl that I'm with and its not weird for me at all. All he has to do is basically tickle/ massage your clit with his toungue and lips for you to feel pleasure from this experience, its not as if he has to bury his mouth deep into your p**** and never come out for air...

    Of course diet and hygeine plays a huge part with how you both smell and taste down there, so just like men can drink pineapple to make there come taste sweeter there are similar methods for the girls.

    So tell your man to either get over it or go and find yourself a new one who will satisfy your needs.

    I know its a major turn off when a girl won't go down on me so I can see why this is a problem for you.


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  • Girls taste much better than guys in my experience. Have him try right after you shower or in the shower. I don't much care for much flavored lubes they tend to have a slight chemical taste, but H2O in pineapple is quite delicious and covers up pretty much everything else.


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  • A bit like snot. Unremarkable.

    • I unfortunately agree. I want to please my lady. but i have this odd issue with taste and tectures. certain things make me gag or turn my stomach. so even though it really isn't that bad. its still not good. i need to fifgure a way to make it doable without gaging which would be the obvious turn off.

  • I;ve only gone down on one girl. She was a germ-o-phobe, so her hygiene was top-notch.

    Her p***y tasted, literally, sweet...w/ a hint of tartness, like lemon juice. There was a body-odor scent, but that's natural & doesn't bug me. She asked me what she tasted like & I tell her that she tasted like lemonade. Whenever I drank lemonade I'd jokingly say "this tastes likes your p***y" lol. :)

    Then again...she was a vegetarian, & I heard that they "taste" different than meat-eating girls (don't be lame with the cheap joke please).

  • I've never thought vaginas tasted gross. It's really a bland taste anyway, with a little salt like all body fluid. But I don't think vaginas are gross at all, and I love to give oral to a girl.

  • Gooey? That's not a taste, that's a texture.

    Obviously, he isn't a cunnilingus connoisseur, is he? ;)

    I haven't met one yet that I would call "gross"... a girl can taste different from one day to the next, and yes, I guess some tastes might be better than others, but never 'gross'.

    • for me personally its not that tatse so much as the texture. i dont like things that are viscous and kinda salty. its kinda like licking snot. i really wanna get past this feeling but i have tried to just butch up and go at it so many times thinking maybe after i do it so many times it'll just e whatever. it hasnt. That makes me sad because i wanna know i'm doing a good job i like giving as well as getting. but i dont wanna vommit in the middle of it. THATS NOT COOL. PLEASE HELP?

    • You might ask your girlfriend to "train" you... Tie you to a bed and straddle you...

  • I have no idea. Never eaten a girl out before. I would imagine it is either sweet or salty.

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  • well all my bfs well I have had 4 so far all serious...they all told me I taste sweet and smell kinda lke baby powder down there...i think it's cause of my eating habits like eating a lot of fruits and ttaking vitamins ...and I love showering so I'm always clean...yea my boyfriend eats me everyday...like he says he'll do anything for me ...once I let him eat me...but I guess it's a win win situation...but I think more on my side ;) LOL

  • He is a douche , dump him

    • Ahhhh I meant to rate it up! Sorry!

    • its ok

    • Wait, how does that make that a douche? Unless he's still expecting blowjobs? Am I missing something?

      Not that I'm against cunnilingus (I'm a completely inexperienced virgin so I wouldn't know but I'd like to try it)... but how does him not wanting to go down because of not being able to bear the taste make him a douche?

  • from past guys, have told me I tasted really sweet, kinda like candy

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    • lol I'm kinda the same according to boyfriend, he didn't say like candy, but he said sweeter and actually enjoyable. I don't know if its to do with my diet or anything, I eat a lot of fruit each day maybe that makes it taste better? no idea, but anyway, I'm not complaining lol, and I tasted myself and have to say I like it :) hehe

    • haha I eat a lot of fruit too it's like my addiction, and yea I would say I do taste sweet!

  • Well said.

  • hygiene is a good factor..always stay clean...i usually make sure I take a shower before being intimate at all..also I hear that a good diet helps! that's guy should at least try it... I wouldn't push it but I'm sure he will come around ;-)

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