Should I feel guilty for wanting my girlfriend to give me head?

I just feel really guilty because she doesn't really "want" to do it. I mean I personally really LOVE to go down on her... I suppose the answers will be like I should respect her for who she is and not make a big deal out of it (though I am harboring a small sense of animosity about it).

BTW I have never "demanded" she do it, but I've learned over time it's not her "thing". I honestly feel really guilty for wanting to be pleasured and for asking such a lame question...sorry


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  • The worst thing you could do is to feel guilty. You are man and you deserve to get a blow job from you women. You have asked a wrong question. Your question need to sound like this: "Do I deserve to get more blowjobs?"

    Obviously, you don't. And that is because you're still not a blow worthy guy. If you were, you wouldn't be hanging out on this kind of website. You will be getting regular, good blow jobs once you become a kind of guy that women don't just genuinely want to - but HAVE to blow, or - they get dumped.

    Let me get this straight to you.

    Women put guys into 2 boxes. In the first box are men that are just "made to blow", and it has MORE to do with the guys behavior (YOUR behavior) than the girls sh*tty attitude towards the blow jobs. In the other box are guys that are just "not worth the effort". What you have to do is to jump from the Wrong box (where you are now), to the Right box of Blow Jobs (where you have and deserve to be as a part of the man's world).

    Becoming a blow worthy guy is a process and it won't happen overnight. It requires to change or improve the way you think and the way you behave - at least to a certain extent.

    The 2 most important things for you to do are:

    1) Change yourself and 2) Change your girl. Simple.

    I recommend you read Jack's Blowjob Persuasion, probably the best book ever written about getting a blow job from you girl, wife, spouse or whatever she is to you.

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  • When a girl really really cares about a guy, then she wants to do anything she can to make him feel good. Until she reaches that point of really loving you, she's probably not going to want to give you head. A girl will enjoy going down on a guy she has deep feelings for. It can take a while for her to get there, but once she does, it will be worth it.

    Youre right to not demand anything of her because you don't want to feel guilty when she's blowing you that it's like a chore for her. You should wait it out because once she does genuinely want to go down on you, you're going to to enjoy it so much more knowing that she WANTS to do that for you.

    • I couldn't agree more. When you are in a sexual relationship there are plenty of things your partner will enjoy that you won't. But when you love someone you will go that extra mile just to please them. Even though it might not be something you enjoy, it won't be a hassle to you because you know you are getting your partner off. Sometimes sex isn't always about doing what you enjoy, sometimes it is about going that extra mile to please the one that you love.

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    • You let her know that she doesn't have to feel pressured to do anything until she is ready to and just being with her is enough to make you happy and satisfy you. Let her know that you don't want her to go down on you until she really WANTS to do it. That takes the pressure off her to just do it because you want her to.

      You aren't going to enjoy it thinking about the fact that she doesn't want to give you head.

    • that's also going to strengthen your relationship because she's going to think "wow this guy really cares about me and doesn't want to push me into anything." A lot of guys just want girls to do their bidding and sexually satisfy them. By you letting her know that you're not like that, she's going to fall harder for you and start to care more for you...which in turn means she might be ready to go down on in less time too haha

  • I am glad that you are respecing her wishes. If you don't demand it then its still fine to want it. However I don't believe that you shouldn't go down on her if you want to, I mean just because she doesn't want to doesn't mean you shouldn't want to.

    • But I like to go down on her! It makes me happy to make her feel good Should I feel guilty wanting her to please me, too? (I've learned not to ask because I know she doesn't like it)

    • well if she doesn't like it then don't expect it. If it makes you happy don't complain about her doing something that won't make her happy.

  • I don't think you should feel guilty. I am in the same situation just opposite genders XD I love giving head to my boyfriend and I actually expect it from him but like you said it just doesn't seem to be his ''thing''. I don't feel guilty about it, I've demnded he gives me head... so neither should you! I think as long as we don't demand it, there's nothing to feel guilty about.

    • He's your sex slave! Though I find it hard to imagine me *wanting* my girlfriend to do it knowing she wants it over as soon as possible...and then trying to like it (without having some conflicting feelings...)

    • Hey don't judge me, he's not my sex slave it actually goes the other way around, he's the dominant in bed he makes me do stuff most of the time. Don't think I'm some demanding bitch who tries to make her boyfriend do stuff ... I believe in balance.

    • You said: "I've demnded he gives me head" and "I don't feel guilty about it". My comment that he's your sex slave is what I wish my girlfriend would regard ME as (metaphorical "slave" of course) . Most guys want to be dominated because then they know their girl ~wants~ him.

  • It's not a lame question, you really wanted to know. If she's not into it, she's not going to do it. Good for you for not demanding her to. That would not be right. And for the record, there are guys out there who won't go down on their girls when we go down on them...Think how THAT feels!

  • Then don't go down on her,she'll live without oral.

    You shouldn't feel bad about wanting it though

    • But I like to go down on her. It would be more a punishment to me if I stopped doing it (btw, she doesn't ask me to go down on her even if it's my favorite thing to do- well second favorite :-)

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    • Yeah, I think I am being resentful (..sad me..) because I can see how easy it would be for her to please me but she doesn't like doing it...what if you wanted your boyfriend to go down on you but he didn't like it?

    • I would never let a guy go down on me so problem solved, not to mention most guys dislike it so it's understandable. My vibrator doesn't complain,whine or bitch.

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  • It's fine to respect her for who she is, but first you have to respect yourself for what you want. You want a blowjob, there's nothing wrong with that. If she can't wrap her head around you getting a blowjob from her, she's perfectly free to wrap her head around you getting one from someone else.

    And before anyone gets on me about how getting the blowjob you want will somehow damage the relationship, let's acknowledge: *the relationship is already damaged* ("I am harboring a small sense of animosity about it"). This resentment you have over not getting it, won't get any better. You want a blowjob, you want it a lot. Rather than fume and pout over the girl who won't do it, better to cheer for the girl who will--whether it's her, or not.

  • NO... why should you?

    why not go down on her, get her really worked up then slide around into a 69 position as you continue licking her pussy...

    • Good advice! I tried that once and she said "I'm already ready, just put it in!" (hard to say no to that...)

  • you will always be angry at her. find a girl that WANTS to do it and enjoys it as much as you enjoy going down on her. I know women and some men will say I am wrong but women that do not give back in bed are selfish and do not care about truly pleasing you. its not in her nature and even if she does it you will still sense that she does not like it.

  • then don't do her until she wants to

    • What if she really doesn't want to do it?

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    • Then neither one of us will ever get oral...

    • thats to bad