Should I feel guilty for wanting my girlfriend to give me head?

I just feel really guilty because she doesn't really "want" to do it. I mean I personally really LOVE to go down on her... I suppose the answers will be like I should respect her for who she is and not make a big deal out of it (though I am harboring a small sense of animosity about it).

BTW I have never "demanded" she do it, but I've learned over time it's not her "thing". I honestly feel really guilty for wanting to be pleasured and for asking such a lame question...sorry


Most Helpful Guy

  • The worst thing you could do is to feel guilty. You are man and you deserve to get a blow job from you women. You have asked a wrong question. Your question need to sound like this: "Do I deserve to get more blowjobs?"

    Obviously, you don't. And that is because you're still not a blow worthy guy. If you were, you wouldn't be hanging out on this kind of website. You will be getting regular, good blow jobs once you become a kind of guy that women don't just genuinely want to - but HAVE to blow, or - they get dumped.

    Let me get this straight to you.

    Women put guys into 2 boxes. In the first box are men that are just "made to blow", and it has MORE to do with the guys behavior (YOUR behavior) than the girls sh*tty attitude towards the blow jobs. In the other box are guys that are just "not worth the effort". What you have to do is to jump from the Wrong box (where you are now), to the Right box of Blow Jobs (where you have and deserve to be as a part of the man's world).

    Becoming a blow worthy guy is a process and it won't happen overnight. It requires to change or improve the way you think and the way you behave - at least to a certain extent.

    The 2 most important things for you to do are:

    1) Change yourself and 2) Change your girl. Simple.

    I recommend you read Jack's Blowjob Persuasion, probably the best book ever written about getting a blow job from you girl, wife, spouse or whatever she is to you.