How can a girl be good in bed?

I recently had sex for the first time with my current partner (I'm not a virgin, but this is the first time with him). I told him I was afraid I was bad at it, and he said it's always good if you have strong feelings for the person. But when you're on the bottom, what exactly can you do to be good in bed? I don't really get it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I'm sure if you do something other than just lay there, you're good. Move around a bit. Like move your pelvis in circles. Wrap your legs around him and squeeeeeze your PC muscles. Plant your feet on the bed and push your pelvis up to meet his thrust. Grab his butt and/or his hair, pull him in for a kiss, nibble on his neck, make lots of noise. Just do something to show you're alive. (Do I sound like a porn star yet? lol) Or why not just be on top? That's a good way to break a guy in. lol