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Ever been attracted to a relative?

Ever been attracted to a relative? just wondering

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  • I already kissed a cousin, my 2nd kiss when I was a teenage. :O He is/was much older than me and is/was extremely good looking, so at the time I thought it was a good idea.But now that I'm older, I realize I was stupid (in my opinion), because I somewhat disrespected my family and father, (and family is the most precious thing in my life)... and that whole situation just doesn't seems right... I didn't follow my values when I did that... That was not the example that my parents gave me...so I definitely wouldn't do it again.But it was a lesson learned.

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  • I think my grandpa is suuper sexxy.

  • I have a pretty hot cousin that I see about once a decade. Ok, lies, maybe every other year. Either way, he's mighty fine.

    • U need help... profesionnal help! lmao

  • eww no

  • yeah my cousin I'm like 16 and he's 26 I think but he's hot :O

    • do anything with him?

  • NEVER. Although I did have (very distant) cousins who had sex. I thought it was really sick when I found out.

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