Bald p**** or hairy p****? guys do you like it bare?

do you guys like it completely bare? and if so why>


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  • Bald. Hair just turns me off. I do understand a girl can't be waxed/shaved 24/7 though. I'm not going to be insane about it.

    • sameee here! I shave but I'm too scaredd to ask my boyfriend how he likes it lol so I just shave whenever were about to do "something" thanks!

    • :)

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  • The hair gets in the way, and it might get into the mouth. That's why no hair is better.

  • Out of those two, I'd prefer bald. Hairiness down there is gross and can be a turn off.

  • your all numbnuts a woman is ment to have hair down there I was ment to have hair down there the end <3

  • fully shaved, or finely trimmed

  • Bald. I enjoy giving oral sex, and the hair needs to go!

    • why don't guys like the hair? will my boyfriend think I look like a child if I shave or do guys think its sexy like in a p*rno?

    • I personally don't like the feeling of hair in my mouth.

  • Bald is a little too much

    Trimmed is perfect

    and one of the few women who look fantastic with a natural bush is p*rnstar Angelica Bella

  • Trimmed, so sexy.


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