A girl was angry at me and grabbed my balls tightly and pulled it it hurts a lot !!!!!!

will that cause damage to my balls it hurts bad well she said my friend twisted her ti*is ones so she got me back instead.


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  • Uhhhhhh OK. Good thing she grabbed them cus I probably would have ripped them off.

    • "cus I probably would have ripped them off."

      Why? He didn't do anything.

    • I wish were the "mantracker" only over the internet. That way I would take a shotgun and blast this girls head off ^_^

    • lol it's cause my friend almost ripped her ti*is off so she slmost ripped my balls in fact my right ball is now left and my left ball is right!

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  • Lalalalalalala


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  • Next time pop the b*tch in the face, that's justifiable sex defense.

  • Wait a few days. If they still hurt, see your doctor. Hopefully she didn't make you infertile. Maybe you could sue her. $$$$