Gf/wife won't let you see her completely naked?

What would you think if your girlfriend wouldn't let you see her completely naked when having sex because she's insecure about something and it's about her being insecure not you. Say she wears a shirt or bra during sex, would it bother you? deal breaker? If it is a deal breaker then what if she has a definite reason to be insecure?


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  • if she has an ugly body I would want her to cover up so I would be OK with it as long as I'm allowed to look at other girls naked to make up for her unattractive body


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  • Personally it wouldn't bother me that much. Of course if I'm "gett'n it on" with a girl, I'm already attracted to her.

    I tend to get primal during sex & want to take everything off of me during intercourse, & I'll, out of instinct, want to take every article of clothing off the girl too. If she's uncomfortable for whatever reason, I understand. Being friends with girls since childhood, I understand that girls' insecurities are deep & sometimes make no sense even to them.

  • well I'd do my best to help her get over her insecurities but if it's something that is going to last for a while I'll be out of there

  • Not a deal breaker, but I'd wonder if she was pulling a Jerry Springer & had a sausage down there or something!

  • I was once with a chick who would only have sex in the dark and wouldn't let me go down on her. It kind of freaked me out and I lost interest in her. Who knows what kind of surprises she could of been hiding?

    • Which is a better reason to not show you

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    • Why not anonymously say what you have that is embarrassing you?

    • big areolas that are 2 inches

  • It wouldn't be a deal breaker but it would hurt because she doesn't trust me enough or else she doesn't feel safe with me. Sex is supposed to be intament and I would expose my self entirely for her scrutiny Id hope she would feel as safe with me.

  • i had a girl wear a bra during sex and I thought it was weird. just be completely naked. that's what sex is supposed to be. as long as the guy is having sex he's not gonna be picky. and if he is then dump him

  • it's no biggie, it will probably change after time and she feels more comfortable. I'll let her know, just do whatever makes her feel comfortable.

    • what if it isn't something that will change?

  • I hate it. Yes, it's a deal breaker. I'm not going to potentially have a lifetime of sex under the covers with the light off.

  • i'd think she wasn't comfortable with me and therefore think she doesn't trust me and therefore, think she doesn't love me like she says she does.

    but fortunately, I'm the only boyfriend of her's that she's let see her completely naked.

    we've showered together several times, had sex and all that.

    and one of our favorite things to do is just lay on my bed naked after sex or a shower, which then leads to sex.

    • it has nothing to do with love, its an insecurity of hers but if that's what you believe that isn't my problem

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    • thats why I mentioned the scars.

    • I don't care anymore leave it alone

  • I wouldn't have sex with a girl who wouldn't let me see her naked, because it makes me feel cheaper as a person. Here I'm having sex with someone and I can't even get that close to them. But personally I don't want to have sex until marriage anyway.

    I wouldn't dump her because of that though. I would instead try to patiently help her overcome her insecurities.

    If she can't see herself fully naked, then she's not mature enough to have sex. That's what I think. I want her to love her body as much as I do.


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  • No guy is gonna care if he "loves" you. It's better than showing him whatever and he gets turned off and kills your self esteem even more.

  • If she is with the right guy she wouldn't feel insecure, because if she really loves him (and he really loves her) she would open up to him and let him see her flaws, because he would make her realize that it really isn't something to feel insecure about.

  • I think you should be more worried about covering up your personality.

    You sound like a immature angry little girl and that's probably because you are so insecure about yourself.

    Im with sikoo31.

    If you don't love this guy your having sex with then keep your top on because he will probably react like an idiot and tell everyone what you have been hiding and that would be worse.

    If you do love him and he loves you back then show him. You still might feel insecure here and there but at least you can relax about it a little more when you see how accepting guys can be when they love someone.

    You never know, he might not think its as bad as you do no matter how bad it might actually be...