How do you guys like your girl to ride you?

Ok this is kind of awkward, but there's this guy whom I'm about to sleep with basically because he hasn't have a girl ride him in a long time and that's what he likes. we haven't had sex yet and I've done this before I just don't know exactly what movement do guys like better when a girl rides them: up and down, back and forth? slow vs fast? soft, intense? there's just a lot of expectation and I would like to play it safe maybe? gosh I don't know I just really want to rock this guys world in bed. I know preferences vary from guy to guy but I just want to find out what's preferred in general

what gives this a lot of pressure is the fact is that this guy is married, and so am i, I guess the biggest pressure I have is to be better than his wife? we both have very boring sex lives at home so there's a lot fo expectation


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  • Try all of the above. To have a "game plan" will not be natural and will be more like connect the dots, so to speak. Too rigid. Climb on top of him and do what feels good to YOU. That's what gets a man off. To see a chick using his member to please herself, wow, they dig that alot. But change it up a little and try all of the things you mentioned in your question. As long as it is feeling good to you and you let him know by your motions and sounds, he will think you are woman of the year in bed.

    Watch his reactions to what you are doing and in the future when you guys have sex, then you'll know what he liked most.


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  • No right or wrong answer. just as long as you look like you are having fun as well, what really turns a guy on is the girl being happy and confident.

    Maybe try reverese cowboy as well, that is when you turn around and are on top of him, facing his feet. most guys find that a total turn on.

    I suppose the short answer is just have fun, relax, and most of all you need to believe that you are a sex godess.

    • Yeah that's pretty much what I thought, I was just curious if there was something specific that all guys liked... as I said there's just too much expectation

    • Good luck.... I am sure you are going to rock his world whatever you do...

  • i am personally not a fan of the up and down, but I love the back and forth grinding motion slow and fast, the faster you go though the quicker he cums, keep that in mind.


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  • umm I don't know because I'm a virgin but I heard that if you have strong legs it makes you naturally better at it, I hope that's true because I got really really REALLY strong legs so id be the best at it =)