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Sucking his finger?

My guy likes it when I suck his finger during sex. He will just put his finger in my mouth and expects me to suck it. I do find this sort of strange,... Show More

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  • lol, ok I know why because I like to do it! Having you do that he can think of you sucking off a other guy when he's inside you. And that helps get him off. If it bug's you don't do it but if not then let him have his fun. You could also prob. Get some toys that he'd like to see you with.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Like someone already said, why not ask him? That would be the straight direct approach and is always best whenever you're wondering something about what someone is doing. Personally, I find it kinda weird for a guy to do that and unless he's priming you for doing some other obvious thing that he's been wanting you to do. I find it strange too.

  • He has probably just had it in you and he finds it hot to see you tasting your own juices.

  • heywhy don't you ask him instead?!

  • He probably saw it in some porn movie, tried it out and liked it. As long as you're not uncomfortable with it, then go with it.

What Girls Said 4

  • Reminds him of you sucking his dick.

  • He might be envisioning his penis in your mouth while you are sucking it, or he might want you to taste "yourself" using your own finger. I dunno, but if you are ok with it then do it. If you feel awkward, then tell him that and find something else the two of you enjoy.

  • i guess because it's like a blowjob? I actually hate doing this, I find it weird, like something a baby would do. I try to avoid it at all costs.

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