Do you girls like to see a guy naked?

Almost all males want to see as many naked females as possible. I have had a feeling though that the number of females who like seeing male nudity is much lower. Do you like it? Are you just trying to conform to the stereotypical model of a female by looking away?


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  • I love seeing a man naked. I love the way a man's body looks and everything from the goods to his shoulder blades. Men's bodies are incredible! Allot of women I know like how men look with boxers on but could care less if they were off. I look at an attractive man and immediately start thinking about how his body looks under those clothes. I want to see every cut and crease. I get chills thinking about it lol.

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      It seems I always enjoy reading your views. And we often have similar attitudes. Ill share my favorite female view. A girl nude except for a long tailed man's dress shirt, open in the front of course. I love to see the goodies of course, but too me, the dress shirt view is as sexy as it gets.