Do you girls like to see a guy naked?

Almost all males want to see as many naked females as possible. I have had a feeling though that the number of females who like seeing male nudity is much lower. Do you like it? Are you just trying to conform to the stereotypical model of a female by looking away?


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  • I love seeing a man naked. I love the way a man's body looks and everything from the goods to his shoulder blades. Men's bodies are incredible! Allot of women I know like how men look with boxers on but could care less if they were off. I look at an attractive man and immediately start thinking about how his body looks under those clothes. I want to see every cut and crease. I get chills thinking about it lol.

    • It seems I always enjoy reading your views. And we often have similar attitudes. Ill share my favorite female view. A girl nude except for a long tailed man's dress shirt, open in the front of course. I love to see the goodies of course, but too me, the dress shirt view is as sexy as it gets.

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  • For me personally, I'd look away. Not because a man's naked body isn't good to look at but it would be embarassing for me and my face would turn beet red. It's just not modest or something, I can't explain it. But yeh, I'd shift my eyes elsewhere. A man who is semi naked (where his private parts aren't exposed), that's a different story but not to say that I'd stare at him. Just attractive looking if he has an athletic body where his muscles are toned and defined.

  • I think I agree with heatherjo on this one. There is nothing sexier than a man in nothing but boxers where you can see every inch of his body but I must agree that the penis scores much higher in performance than in the looks catagory lol. I mean I love my mans goods and to be honest he has one of the nicest that I have seen in a long time but its still not as appealing the rest of his body :D I'll look when he walks in the room totaly nude, I coudln't help it if I tried he's hot and he's going to look if I do it!

  • I like to see my guy naked. Well, almost naked. Honestly I think penis's are ugly. I love the way it can make me feel, but something about that whole region is just not appealing to the eye. On the other hand, show me his sexy back, shoulders, chest, and that little V muscle that goes down to the "unknown" (its definitely one of the hottest male parts) and I go crazy. My conclusion : guys bodies are sexy as hell! His member on the other hand was made to preform and not to look at. :)

    • If I were your guy, and you declared the penis as ugly, it would crush me. How would you like it if he thought your vaginal area was ugly, and he only liked how it made him feel? I don't care if you feel that men and women are different, men are proud of their manhood, and to have it denegrated, except for what it can do for you is pretty sad for your guy. I think the penis is a marvel in mechanics, and a beautiful sight to behold. My love and appreciation for it turns my man on big time.

  • i don't personally don't ENJOY looking at a naked man, its not like I look at playgirl, lol. my boyfriend yes, but other men, no.

  • boyfriend but noone else. I just think men like the female body but women like their mans body.

  • for me I think just a shirt off is hot.


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