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How did you feel after losing your virginity?

was it a happy feeling? sad? did you feel good about it, or actually have some regret?

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  • nothing, just finally done it and that it was really hyped up

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  • i skipped all the way home. the sex itself lasted like 8 minutes or something but I didn't care. it was a birthday gift when I turned seventeen from my friend's older sister. =)

  • I was happy I waited to do it with a very attractive girl. When I am older and think back to when I was a kid, I will say "damn, I might be f***ing an old hag now but back than I lost my virginity to a dime.

  • i kept thinking: this is actually happening... this is actually happening... this is actually happening...

    but I was very disappointed with my-self, couldn't keep it up for the second half... felt terrible after.

    idk what it was, but it sucked.

  • no regrets. I was over 20 at the time and liked the girl so I felt good about it overall.

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