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Do guys prefer a really tight p*****?

Is it true that guys like tight pussies? If it was really tight, would it make you come faster? What is it that you like about tight pussies?

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  • it just adds more pressure to the penis. When its loose and you have a condom on its hard to feel anything.

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  • Yes guys like tight pussies as long as its not uber-tight. When I squeeze my kegals I can make a guy come really fast :)

    • Niiice

    • Yes you will. Just don't blame him when it happens.

  • guys who like tight pussies is because usually they have a small penis

  • Yes. what guy doesn't want to f*** a tight p***y? It feels better for them, especially when wearing a condom, if the girl is looser they wouldn't be able to feel much.