Touching through his pants- please advise.

So I'm 19 and I just started dating my first boyfriend- It will be a month this weekend. Anyway I'm pretty sure he wants a little more- as do I- than just making out. I'm not into blow jobs or at least the concept of them- so forget that. Last weekend I'm pretty sure he wanted to finger me, but I had my period so I told him "If you want to start finger painting go for it." He laughed and said something along the lines "Well I don't have my period." lol I completely ignored it though because I wasn't ready. Quick info: I was sexually abused (he didn't rape me though) by my grandfather when I was little- So I'm a little on the Virgin Mary side..Exception to lesbian p*rn lol

Anyway I have some stupid questions that I really would like answered. I'm really clueless but I have seen a penis and have been fingered before. But that's it.

1. While making out I figured I could just start off rubbing on top of the jeans and then make my way inside and continue what I was doing on the outside. Now the question is do I have to take it out or can this all be done in his jeans?

2. If a girl has done this to you, do you come in your jeans? And does this mean you would have to change or something? lol

3. When and if I have to take it out- when he's about to cum- can I just place my hand over it while still massaging so it doesn't get everywhere?

Please give me as much info as possible. And I would much rather just keep it in his pants right now until I'm completely ready.


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  • LOL My GF's period stopped and restarted at an inopportune moment, so I like your finger painting joke. xP Anyway, yeah I guess you could do it inside the jeans, but I've come in my before, & it was so gross feeling I ABSOLUTELY had to change. Also, no you can't just hold it back. The thing is, once the true orgasm is over there's still more to come & it seems like it just keeps coming & coming. (I was on my GFs mom's couch when she gave me a VERY UNEXPECTED BJ & she was trying to catch it with scott towels, asking why it wouldn't stop) If you ever hear a guy talk or joke about an "afterpiss" that's why. Think of it as the rain flushing out itsy bitsy spider. (LOL xP) I've never gone all the way, & haven't done at all since '96, but if I masturbate, I like to feel like my bladder's filling & I'll need to go soon, so I know I can do so. Anyway, no matter how it was done, ior even if I had to change or was sticky, I'd appreciate & love my girl for it. Also, your questions aren't stupid at all, and I don't blame you for being on the "virgin Mary Side" My BFF was sexually molested by her stepgrandfather, & I'd love 5 minutes alone to get my hands on that animal, or anyone who does somethng that creul & sick to any girl, & I thank God for you it wasn't actually rape. Hopefully, the happy memories you make with your boyfriend will mostly push those traumatic ones down and away. I believe it did for my friend. Good luck, & I hope you & your boyfriend are happy & enjoy yourselves...

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      Thank you so much for that. I enjoyed it thoroughly lol I plan to just go with the flow (no pun intended on the flow I'm so worried about).

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      Hehe Glad I could help... :)