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Does anyone get aroused by a full bladder?

Ok, So. I'm asking this question because I think I might be a little strange. Everytime that my bladder is very full, I get extremely aroused and... Show More

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  • From what I know the pressure on the g-spot is accurate. Given that the g-spot is on the underside of your urethra pressure from the top could result in similar pleasure. It is not uncommon for a full bladder to result in arousal. The only thing you have to worry about is holding it too long and causing a bladder infection.

What Guys Said 7

  • No, but it feels awful good to empty it lol!

  • I know for certain that there are more girls (don't know how common this is) who enjoy the feeling of an intense need to pee. I am a guy and I must say it turns me on to know a girl waits deliberately until the last second. I wish this topic were more socially accepted. But an obvious need to pee is considered embarrassing in our society, so it is rarely discussed as a turn-on. Even if you didn't go until you couldn't anymore and wet your pants you would just heighten my arousal (and yours?). You would in no way have to be concerned of being "just too dirty" or primitive or disgusting or whatever you may fear. I know it matches very well with a high intellect and sensitivity. Be sure you are not alone.

  • I experience it almost everytime... I think it is natural... biology, just the way our internals are

  • actually, I think that's normal, men sometimes get hard when they wake up in the moring to pee.

  • Happens to me and I'm a guy. It's like an extra sensual spot. Press down lightly on your lower stomach (below your bellybutton) and it feels great.

What Girls Said 3

  • Yes, that happens to me but not everytime.

  • your not weird that happiens to me to. I find it makes the orgasm stronger. it does sound weird though lol

  • It's not weird at all. I hold it in purpose if I'm really horny because the pressure feels so good! I orgasm really easily that way too

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