Do guys really circle jerk or is that just a myth?

Do guys really circle jerk or is that just a myth?

This is something that I just can not imagine a group of females doing but maybe guys really are just that different?


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  • it would cause most guys excruciating embarrassment. We don't share such behavior: even our chatter is infinitely less intimate than girls'. You ladies are more in touch with your sexuality, and therefore more likely to talk frankly about it.

    One exception to the circle-jerk rule: post-feminist writers (Paglia et al) have noted the incidence of crypto-homosexual behavior among spoiled frat-boy types. "Dragging train" (no, you don't want to know) and other quasi-rape rituals are, she says, a type of transference. Unable to copulate with each other because of taboos, they use a female as a proxy object-of-desire.

    As we know for sure that this goes on among the Greek-letter crowd, we can well imagine that the more openly gay in their number might also do something like a circle-jerk as a bonding/mating ritual. A recovering frat-boy out there will no doubt confirm this...

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      i'm so lookin that up on google now and you're right I probably don't want to know but it's like a train wreck cause now I gotta look :\ lol

      wonder if any frat boys will step up to the plate to prove your theory? lol