Are you keeping your virginity, why or why not?

if virginity a big deal to you or just something that you can just get rid of


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  • It's not something I value at all and would happily lose.

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  • To me my virginity wasn't a big deal for me for losing it, but I think everybody has to determine for them selves if it is. If you don't want to lose you're virginity to some guy in a fling, don't do it. The only thing I can say, don't overrate the first time, it's not that it's going to be the best night in your life and that it's going to be magical and stuff

  • I was keeping it locked away in my pants but 1 night many moons ago I was drunk, wasn't paying attention and it escaped with the virginity of another young girl who was also drunk... we haven't seen them since... but me and the girl have seen each other so it's alright :)

  • sex ain't a big deal, get rid of it if you feel like you need or want to, don't thinks its going to be magical and spiritual the fist few ain't a big deal, don't rush it if you don't want sex, there will be opportunities and plenty of time

  • Well if I had a choice I would have waited until getting married. However I was sexually abused at about eight years old and 13-16 years old. Yes it does happen to boys too! I know I am a loser, but it is the truth!

    • It is not about the physical power, it is the emotional. Abuse is something that can happen to anyone. it is a vicious cycle that create self-hatred in the victim...but you are the victim. For me, in the instance of sexual abuse, the virginity is symbolic of sex with consent, and you can be a virgin until that happens for you.

    • Still I should have stopped it somehow!

    • How are you a loser? You were sexually abused, it wasn't your fault.

  • nope. can't please a girl if you don't know what your doing. that's what I belive whether its true or not.

  • I am keeping mine because I value it, when I have sex I want it to mean something to both me and my partner. This can't be achieved with multiple partners, if sex is something you have had with many people. It is going to lose the value that I want to have, nowadays this is next to impossible to find. Few people seem to care or want to save themselves for marriage and see a guy who is a virgin as a bad thing which is devestating to me considering I don't want sex with more than one person in my life and that will be my wife.However, I noticed even girls who are virgins woud actually prefer the guy to have experience, a guy who is saving himself isn't a good thing anymore :( which does kind off make me want to reconsider it.

    • I value you. If you value yourself other people will begin to see the value in you. :)

    • thanks coffee, I am actually planning to keep mine for marriage because I only want sex with one person in my life and that will be my wife, hopefully my wife is the same. I am glad there are girls like you who also value it :)

    • I would prefer a guy who hasn't had sex. There is less of a chance of diseases or other problems. I also find the idea of giving a guy oral when you aren't really sure about where his penis has been absolutely disgusting.I also would rather have sex with a guy who had never had sex because it would make it feel more special. Because it would be something he had done only with me.

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  • I always dreamed that my first time to be emotional and romantic, with someone who is also a virgin, someone who hasn't slept around and feels that I am that special person. I guess it was a stupid dream.Realistically as I'm getting older the more I realize that it's not gonna happen for someone like me. People now days want casual sex not intimate emotional sex, making someone like me who hates hookups highly undesirable. By my age I realize that if a girls found me attractive or interesting I would have gotten at least one date but since I'm now 23 and have never even gotten a date it goes to show that I'm not desirable.All my friends have had sex, few of them are getting married soon and most of them say I should just go to a prostitute and get it over with because most girls now days don't care and won't be a virgin till my age. So I'm looking lose it to a legalized prostitute either be this year or next year for my birthday present to myself depending if I manage to save up the money for it. It's not how I dreamed my first time would be but it's what's most likely going to happen I'm having a hard time coming to grips that I am such an undesirable person that the only way that I can lose my virginity a prostitute if I paid them.

    • Trust me, there are so many girls who want to be virgins when they are married, and many of them would prefer the guy to also be a virgin. When a guy has slept around with a bunch of girls, then sex doesn't seem that special. Don't just go have sex because you think it would make you more desirable or something.

    • 23 isn't that old. I promise it's worth waiting. I'm 22 and finally found a guy I'm completely in love with. He's never had sex before and it means so much to me because I know when we get married and make love it will be something special that will only be shared between us. Your virginity really is valuable, I think it's a terrible thing to waste on a prostitute. Plus, when you do fall in love she's going to want to know about your past. Are you going to want to explain you lost it to a whore?

    • which one? the drunken hook up with someone that I don't know and don't feel anything for which you recommend or the prostitute whom I also don't know and won't feel anything for?Both options are horrible, with the hookup sounding a lot worse. But if I have to decide on one of two horrible choices I'd pick the lesser horrible one.

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  • Pffft. Sure, the fairytale of falling in love and losing my virginity to another virgin sounds great. But very few people are lucky enough to have that happen.I do not see my virginity as something that is very valuable. I would be quite content, actually extremely happy to lose it any time soon. Sooner, rather than later.

    • why you don't set out for a virgin. most of todays virgins are jailbait so its worth it going with someone who lost it already

  • Waiting for another virgin.

    • Awww thanks societysbomb. :-)

    • people down vote for the stupidest reasons (I got you +1)

    • lol I got a vote down. really...? lmao

  • So many girls think they can be "born again" virgins or that anal sex doesn't really count as sex so that I really don't even trust a girl when she says she's a virgin now anyway.

    • I never said it does mean that. All I said was that I don't trust girls who say they're virgins anymore.

    • well maybe after a few kids and age yes. but doesn't mean oh once you have sex you get loose.

    • "Lots" of you may well have tight ones after sex (though a couple of my exes specifically told me that the longer we waited in between times having sex, the more they could feel me stretching them out). Anyway, I said childbirth. It's a well known fact that stretches them out. Derp.

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  • I've kept my virginity and I'm 18. I almost lost it to a guy I thought I was in love with though.. :/

  • i lost mine at 12 years old while on my period and it hurt like a mother f***er.

  • I'm nearly 18 and a virgin. It's not exactly out of choice, I do want to lose it but not for the sake of it. I want it to be with someone special, not just any old guy.

  • Ive kept mine because I don't want to just throw it away to some random guy I want it to mean something too me I don't think its a huge deal but I think it nice to loose it to someone I love.

    • yes you have to love them them, then f*** them BEFORE the marriage cause everyone needs alittle test run before you make the purchase.

  • IM STILL A VIRGIN, and I don't do it because I think I want it to be magical like some comments say in here.i do it for self respect and love for myself.i don't know about all of these peole, but I have had sexual education!and its completely stupid how people later compplain when they get pregnant or get STD!ITS LIKE COMPLAINING BECAUSE YOUR DORITOS ARE HOT, WHEN IN THE PACKAGE SAYS THEY HAVE HOT IN THEM!loosing your virginity is not cool, it only shows the world how little moral you have and how little you love yourself!so for the confused virgin teenager out there that are being pressured into this:LET THEM EXPRESS THEIR LACK OF EDUCATION AND COMMON SENSE! they will envy you ten years from now! BELIEVE ME!

    • lossing your virginity is a great thing. I mean if you want to keep it fine kool w/e. but I lost mine and I feel GREAT about it I value myself more it gave me a confidence boost it made me a better person SEX IS GREAT!

  • i was keeping mine till I meet that special someone and I lost it a month a go to that special someome.

  • I'm keeping my virginity because my religion calls for it, also, because I'm not at a point in my life that is stable enough to raise a child (I'm still in school, not financially backed for a kid).My virginity means nothing to me.

  • I gave it up to a guy I was dating on and off for about a year. We broke up soon after, permanently that time. I don't regret having sex, but I do wish I would've waited until it was with someone I was at least in a secure relationship with for my first time. Nothing wrong with one night stands, but for your first time I think it's important that you be with someone you love.

  • Big deal. I don't want to risk having babies before I can support them. I want to give it to the man I know I love and I know loves me. It's the biggest gift I have to offer. Ideally, I'll be losing my virginity on my wedding night to the love of my life and my best friend.

  • Save it for someone you feel is worthy. Don't just give it to anyone obviously, that would just be demeaning of yourself to do that...But definitely wait until you're with a guy who you love, and who loves you back

    • already done that

  • i'm waiting until the right guy

  • i can't just give it away to " someone ". your first time should be with someone you like , but what people forget is that the most important thing is to do it with someone you are sure cares about you. in my opinion it is very important .

  • i am 16 and still a virgin..i've kept it even though some guys already of the reasons is because I want to find a good person to lose it to...well at least be in a good loving relationship then maybe I'll consider it but mostly what I'm looking for to not be pressured in that good loving relationship

  • I'm keeping mine until I'm married, it's defiantly not something I would just get rid of.But there's more to a person than just their virginity though so I don't think it's that big of a deal if someone else is or not

  • I am going to keep my virginity until I am married. The reason is because I feel like if I had a bunch of sexual relationships, it would cheapen the one that I will have with my husband. What would be special about that relationship if it was just like every other one?When I see people going through several different sex partners and having close relationships with them, it makes me sad. What would make their marriage any different than those relationships that failed?I am sure many of the girls who have sex with these guys assume they will end up together. However, most of them don't. I want to know that I will end up with the guy I have sex with, so I am going to wait until I have ended up with him.

    • I wouldn't describe abstaining from premarital sex as not taking chances. Just because I'm not going around having sex doesn't mean I won't be able to experience life and explore the world. My life isn't revolved around sex, so even if I don't have it I won't be "stuck in the corner of life at a stand still."

    • yeah things do happen but life is full of taking chances and exploring can't let anythign hold you back even your values or you be stuck in the corner of life at a stand still

    • I know that people can have sex and still end up together. However, a lot of relationships fail (regardless of sex) and I want to make sure that the man I lose my virginity to is also the man I marry.And I am very glad that it worked out for you! :)

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  • I'm not a virgin and I saw no reason to "keep" my virginity. Life is all about experiences, and sexual experiences are part of that.

  • im keeping it until I get married :)

  • I am one and I'd love to find one! The realistic/ pessimistic side of me is just hoping for a guy without a arms length list of past partners or STD -_- I know when I do get married that I want to give him everything I humanly can and my virginity is def one that I want him to have.

    • yeah most girl probly think like that. but you also have to consider reality a guy hits puberty and wants to bang everythign he can. so closest you can get to a virgin is less partners. my man has sex with 3 girls before me and I'm the best out of all so I'm kind of glad he had had sex so he would see how great I am. its a true blessing

  • Yes it's a big deal! I see it as a gift to my future husband. I just simply cannot see myself being naked around or sharing my body with a perfect stranger. It's disgusting how some people can be so dirty. I have to make sure the person is clean in and out. I have a beautiful body and you best believe my future husband will be one lucky bastard because I'll be his and only his. It's one of the few things we truly own upon birth, so it's very valuable.

    • Ideally I would want him to be a virgin. It would bother me a little bit if he wasn't but I'm pretty understanding so I wouldn't hold it against him..just as long as he didn't sleep around with more than 5 women, and that number is pushing it. What matters to me the most is that he's clean and committed and he will value my body just as I do myself. Trust me I have turned down so many guys, but I'm dead on about saving it for my one guy :).

    • Thats awesome! do you also want your husband to be a virgin or not and why

    • Lol, I apologize, but I'm going to assume that English is not your native language? "Lucky bastard" is a figure of speech, to be taken humorously not literally. You need to read in context next time, now your ruined the effect of my post.

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  • I will have sex with someone I am in love with who is in love with me.

  • im not a virgin and I wouldn't change it. I didn't just throw away my virginity though, it was with a guy that meant something to me at the time, no regrets. now I'm with someone else and we have a great relationship, neither of us virgins going into the relationship but we can see it lasting a long time and it just wasn't something that mattered to either of us :)

    • yeah it has to be with someone you love and is right for you. not like some one night stand. that's for losers. and that's worse than being a virgin

  • Yes :)) So valuable to me that I have to lose it to someone valuable & worth it ;)

    • thats great

  • Heck yes it's a big deal to me!It's something that can never be replaced, so I value it dearly.It's an act involving total intimacy... I want to be able to cherish that moment of release, and not regret it later. You can't go buy it in a store later, so you might as well savor it while you can...

    • :)

    • That's good to hear :)

    • exactly not someone you will leave in a few months. mine was with my fiance

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