Are you keeping your virginity, why or why not?

if virginity a big deal to you or just something that you can just get rid of


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  • It's not something I value at all and would happily lose.

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  • To me my virginity wasn't a big deal for me for losing it, but I think everybody has to determine for them selves if it is. If you don't want to lose you're virginity to some guy in a fling, don't do it. The only thing I can say, don't overrate the first time, it's not that it's going to be the best night in your life and that it's going to be magical and stuff

  • So many girls think they can be "born again" virgins or that anal sex doesn't really count as sex so that I really don't even trust a girl when she says she's a virgin now anyway.

    • well and guys used to think tightness ment a virgin. but fact is were tight reguardless of if were a virgin or not

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    • well maybe after a few kids and age yes. but doesn't mean oh once you have sex you get loose.

    • I never said it does mean that. All I said was that I don't trust girls who say they're virgins anymore.

  • I was keeping it locked away in my pants but 1 night many moons ago I was drunk, wasn't paying attention and it escaped with the virginity of another young girl who was also drunk... we haven't seen them since... but me and the girl have seen each other so it's alright :)

  • sex ain't a big deal, get rid of it if you feel like you need or want to, don't thinks its going to be magical and spiritual the fist few times.

    sex ain't a big deal, don't rush it if you don't want sex, there will be opportunities and plenty of time

  • nope. can't please a girl if you don't know what your doing. that's what I belive whether its true or not.

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  • I'm not a virgin and I saw no reason to "keep" my virginity. Life is all about experiences, and sexual experiences are part of that.

  • I am going to keep my virginity until I am married. The reason is because I feel like if I had a bunch of sexual relationships, it would cheapen the one that I will have with my husband. What would be special about that relationship if it was just like every other one?

    When I see people going through several different sex partners and having close relationships with them, it makes me sad. What would make their marriage any different than those relationships that failed?

    I am sure many of the girls who have sex with these guys assume they will end up together. However, most of them don't. I want to know that I will end up with the guy I have sex with, so I am going to wait until I have ended up with him.

    • well it can happen that way I had se with my man 2 months after we were together and now he is the man I am goign to married.

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    • yeah things do happen but life is full of taking chances and exploring can't let anythign hold you back even your values or you be stuck in the corner of life at a stand still

    • I wouldn't describe abstaining from premarital sex as not taking chances. Just because I'm not going around having sex doesn't mean I won't be able to experience life and explore the world. My life isn't revolved around sex, so even if I don't have it I won't be "stuck in the corner of life at a stand still."

  • im not a virgin and I wouldn't change it. I didn't just throw away my virginity though, it was with a guy that meant something to me at the time, no regrets. now I'm with someone else and we have a great relationship, neither of us virgins going into the relationship but we can see it lasting a long time and it just wasn't something that mattered to either of us :)

    • yeah it has to be with someone you love and is right for you. not like some one night stand. that's for losers. and that's worse than being a virgin

  • i lost mine at 12 years old while on my period and it hurt like a mother f***er.

  • Big deal. I don't want to risk having babies before I can support them. I want to give it to the man I know I love and I know loves me. It's the biggest gift I have to offer. Ideally, I'll be losing my virginity on my wedding night to the love of my life and my best friend.

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